Rapper Busta Rhymes Hurls Anti-Gay Slur Over Missing Ketchup At Miami Burger Joint

bustaAt a Miami burger spot, rapper Busta Rhymes became unwrapped at not having it his way, and dropped some F-bombs on the staff.

Stephanie Vitori, owner of a Cheeseburger Baby franchise in Miami Beach, claims Busta and his party had beef at not being able to cut in line for their patties.

Then, once he saw that his condiments were on the side — as is Cheeseburger Baby policy to prevent soggy buns — Rhymes reportedly saw red.

‘F*** you, fag!” the rapper yelled at an employee. “I’m not leaving until I get ketchup, mayo, salt and pepper on my burger.” He then attempted to come over the counter, and told Vitori, “F*** you, bitch.”

Vitori, who is openly gay, called the police but instructed her employees to open up Busta Rhymes’ condiments packets and dress his burger for him so that he could be on way.

The Rhymes posse left before the cops arrived, but when a member of his entourage phoned to let them know he would be returning, Vitori called the cops back. They stayed until the staff closed up shop.

“Over putting ketchup, mayo, salt and pepper on a burger? For real, you can’t open up a mayo and ketchup packet?” Vitori told the Huffington Post. “It’s not right. I’m a gay business owner, and you don’t use that term. It’s degrading.”

Busta Rhymes had previously spoken out in support of bisexual R&B star Frank Ocean‘s coming-out, but apparently a dry bun is something he can’t abide by.