Caitlyn Jenner reaches new hypocrite heights and literally no one is surprised

Internalized transphobia case study Caitlyn Jenner is a decorated former decathlete. After her latest eye-rolling Fox News segment, it’s clear that her true sporting talent is mental gymnastics.

The former Olympian has been very vocal on her opposition to trans women (or as she calls them, “biological boys”) in athletics. Competitive swimmer Lia Thomas has been an especially hot topic for her, saying that the swimmer lacked “responsibility and integrity” for competing against women.

Thomas fell within the NCAA’s guidelines for transitioning athletes with regards to her HRT timeline, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for Jenner.

However, when it comes to golf — a sport that Jenner has competed against women in since coming out — it’s apparently “totally different.”

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Jenner told Fox News that she fully supports trans golfer Hailey Davidson competing in the Ladies Professional Golf Associations (LPGA) Tour next year.

“She’s playing within the rules,” she says. “Golf is totally different game. It is a game of touch and feel.”

It apparently has nothing to do with it being a sport that Jenner herself wants to be allowed to compete in, and everything to do with “playing within the rules.” Thomas was also competing within the NCAA’s rules, but that doesn’t seem to matter the same way.

A large part of the commentator’s defense of Davidson has also featured her calling the golfer “not good as a guy and no good as a gal.”

In yesterday’s Fox News segment, Jenner assured the host that Davidson’s golfing wasn’t even good enough to warrant the argument.

“I don’t think she’s gonna be in a position where she’s gonna be dominating on the LPGA tour,” she says. “To be honest with you, those girls are so good.”

Clearly, Jenner reserves her ire only for trans women who she actually regards as stiff competition.

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Davidson did indeed release a statement thanking the LPGA for allowing her to compete and confirming that she didn’t qualify to move on to the next round:


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If Davidson had actually gone on to dominate the qualifier, it’s doubtful that Jenner’s support of her would have continued much longer. After all, Fox’s resident trans shill is currently paying off her bills tearing down successful trans figures.

That said, Jenner may have also just continued to say whatever she needed to say to make sure folks wouldn’t object to her own golfing going forward. Who’s to say!?

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