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Can’t Get Gay Married in Real Life? Get Gay Married In This Mystical Video Game

There are many things human begins cannot do in real life that they can do in a video game. Fly. Kill people without facing repercussions. Turn into an invincible ghost-eating yellow circle. Oh, and get married. A new massive multi-player online role-playing game (or MMORPG for those in the know) from Taiwan will let players get hitched to characters of the same sex. But! They draw the line at polygamy.

The game is Runes of Magic, a World of Warcraft-esque free to play MMORPG that makes its money through micro-transactions. In an upcoming free expansion, called Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms, a marriage system will be introduced that allows same sex marriage. What’s interesting is that Runes of Magic is developed by a Taiwanese studio, called Runewaker Entertainment. Taiwan, which is governed by Republic of China, does not have any recognition of same-sex unions.

Although Runes of Magic’s marriage system is still shrouded in mystery, the game’s Western publisher, Frogster, told that married players will gain bonuses. “You will be married and somehow connected to the other player,” explained Frogster’s Philipp Senkbeil. “Of course you can only be married with one person at the same time. It’s even possible to have gay couples, so no need to just have a male and female character. Two male characters and two female characters can marry each other.”

The first iterations of a wedding chapel are already in place. Players will be able to propose and tie the knot, although we don’t know if an in-game ceremony will be involved. Senkbeil added: “There will be some bonuses for players. For example, one could be a ring to teleport to the other person.”

And like wise gay-friendly conservatives, they’re setting gay marriage up to be a bidness transaction.

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