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Can’t You Let Proud Black Man Pastor Martin Ssempa Push to Execute Gays Without Saying Whites Taught Him the Way?

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May the lord bless Scott Lively. Reiterating his earlier position that he doesn’t want Uganda’s gay’s killed, just institutionalized, the Defend the Family International chief adds this lovely argument: It’s RACIST!!! to think Americans could get Uganda’s lawmakers and faith leaders to support legislation that would execute homosexuals.

How dare you think that!

In a report that aired on ABC Wednesday night, Dan Harris heads to Uganda and sits down with Pastor Martin Ssempa, Uganda’s leading freedom fighter against “sexual terrorism,” who agrees with Lively’s assertion. “It’s offensive to me that every time a black man does something good, you have to say that a white man told us to do it.”

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  • kabukiscarab

    You know what pisses me off about this pastor. Especially being a black man. Just because you think it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it is. When Uganda was selling it’s captured countrymen to Rich white men that wasn’t a good idea but they did it any way. and Yes majority of slaves were stolen but many were sold by their own country men. It didn’t mean it was a good Idea. I’ll tell you this if this area breaks out in tribal war and genocide starts taking place. I could care less about caring. If you can’t care about everyone in your country then I shouldn’t care if you get killed in your country.

  • Jimmy

    It shows that it’s a very short trip from Evangelicalism to Fascism.

  • Jake

    It pains me to watch the spread of hate. There is no Christian “turn the other cheek” here – it is you either follow my rules or I’ll send you to my God at my own choosing. This is a tragedy for Ugandan’s and I hope the international community takes steps to condemn this if it is passed.

  • terrwill

    Pastor Martin SSesspool wants it made very clear that Blacks can be subhuman vile reprehensive scumbags on their own. They don’t need any guidance from the White subhuman vile reprehensive scumbags………

  • ousslander

    Don’t worry about this guy within a couple of years there will a civil in Uganda with them hacking at each other with machetes.

  • Kieran

    It just goes to show you what a little American education can do for someone. A few years ago Ssempa would have been frollicking naked in his village with a large bone proudly sticking through his nose. And now look at him…..wearing a colorful religious dress and hating on his fellow man.

  • strumpetwindsock


    The fact he is a homophobe aside, I think he has a point about the racism charge.

    I’m not sure I would take too kindly to people telling me I was backwards and only believed something because some white person taught me to.

    As Terrwill said, people around the world don’t always require the guidance of colonial powers to be murderous, xenophobic monsters.

    But whether he is right or wrong, I think he is only bringing it up as a way to make us feel guilty and distract us from their monstrous actions.

  • delurker

    Nothing brings out gay racism on queerty like black/African homophobia.

    It makes it hard for people like to pick a side. You both are awful.


    Kieran: With all due respect, Fuck You.

  • Cam

    Ugandan’s have been playing this card for months now. Every single time somebody says something about this “Kill the Gays” law, they attack back and say “How dare you try to impose your Western ideals on us! It’s racism!, Colonialism, etc…

    Now they are trying to say that the idea is homegrown. Hey, if they want to say that, then fine. But the fact remains, that all of this is simply a distraction from the fact that they want to murder people for being gay. Frankly I don’t care if some white guys whispered it into their ear, or if they came up with it alone. Either way it is a disgusting idea and if it passes, their leaders and the country should be held in contempt by any rational person and not receive any foreign aide much less tourist dollars.

  • terrwill

    This cesspool of a nation recieves <over One Half Billion Dollars in United States Foreign Aid per year……Our tax dollars are going towards funding this Gay holocaust waiting to happen………..

    Chilie just got another huge earthquake…….please direct the next devastating country leveling quake at this vile, rotten, cesspool of a “nation”….

  • ben doverr

    Comments like these about Uganda remind us that some gays can be just as racist as other ill-educated members of American society.

    With that said, our Administration needs to turn the volume way up. One possibility involves regional diplomacy involving South Africa and other African allies.

    The U.S. and Europe should make it abudantly clear that eliminating foreign aid, trade sanctions and a full-on tourism boycott are all on the table to help avert this terrible injustice to Ugandan gays.

  • delurker

    @ben doverr: “Comments like these about Uganda remind us that some gays can be just as racist as other ill-educated members of American society.”

    I learned that during the weeks after Prop. 8 passed, all through Obama’s presidency, and of course, any story about Africa. Brings out the racists like flypaper.

    “Hey, these blacks are homophobes, so it’s A-OK if it get my racism on.”

    Then again, it’s not just racism. If there is a female homophobe being discussed, misogynist words(cunt, twat, bitch, whore, etc.) get tossed out like they are going out style. Is is really that hard to fight and counter homophobia without resorting to other -isms?

  • AlwaysGay

    Heterosexuals think gay people are outsiders. This belief that homosexuality is not apart of a culture and in fact brought in by outsiders is very common. Catholics during muslim rule of Spain stated this same belief, that homosexuality was apart of islam and was brought in by muslims.

    Behind Ssempa’s accusation of “racism” by white gay people for involving themselves in this barbaric law is largely the indifference of black gay people and black people in general to what WILL happen to gay people in Uganda. I’m also suspicious as to why it is taking them so long to decide this bill’s fate. Are they delaying it so the heat is off and they then could pass it? Or are they delaying it to get the attention of American christians who in turn donate money to them?

  • strumpetwindsock

    The solution isn’t as simple as pulling back foreign aid, unfortunately.

    The Chinese would love nothing more than to see the U.S. step back so they could expand their sphere of influence, and I don’t think they are any more discriminating when it comes to human rights abuses.

    Remember that arms shipment the Chinese sent to Zimbabwe last year that only got stopped because of the efforts of South African dockworkers? So much for the accusations of Africans as savages. I would think they have a much clearer picture of what is going on, because they aren’t insulated from it like we are.

    And as bad as some of the choices some of the people there make, you only have to pick up a newspaper to see that we are neither smarter nor more compassionate.

  • ben doverr

    Oh, my. The patients have taken over the sanitorium.

  • 4 Douche BFs from my 20s (I am smarter now)

    What’s truly fucked up is that Christianity was pushed onto this man by Europeans who colonized the continent. The same forces that makes Africa a cesspool today- he’s trying to use them to make his country and continent even worse. For the record, prior to Christianity and outside of the Abrahamic religions, many earlier religions had no problem with homosexuality. This guy is ignorant it seems of his own history. I see this too much in my community too. Christianist doctrines wiping out history.

  • Chitown Kev



    Black gay people are indifferent to the law in Uganda?

    Exactly what have YOU done? I need to know that before you go off tossing stones at “black gay people” Not all black gay people are Jasmyne Cannick, you know.

  • AlwaysGay

    @Chitown Kev: I’ve been sending emails and letters to President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department everyday since this news broke months ago. It’s a small contribution however with more people doing the same we can pressure them to get Uganda to stop this bill. They do read your messages, btw, so it’s not in vain to contact them.

  • Cassandra

    The irony.

    Ssempa has been blaming something he perceives to be an evil, homosexuality, on whites, since the start of his pogrom, yet no one seems to call that for what it is

    racism. He introduced the idea that this issue originated outside of Africa when he claimed that homosexuality was brought to Africa by whites.

    Now he is trying to deny the link between his efforts to commit genocide with the documented anti-gay rhetoric from a handful of American, male, clergy calling for the destruction and eradication of GLBTQ people.

    “Comments like these about Uganda remind us that some gays can be just as racist as other ill-educated members of American society.”

    And Martin Ssempa, among others, remind us that some people of color can by not only just as homophobic as others, but much, much more so. Yet time after time, any discussion of the overt homophobia that some people of color actively enforce is diverted by shrill shrieks of “racist!”

    However, declaring, explicitly or implicitly, that the actions and ideas of some people cannot be criticized because of their race

    is racist.

  • Dionte

    I use to think not much could shock me anymore, it’s amazing how these people actually think this is right. They will never learn and will pay dearly for these crimes.

  • Alex

    What a tool!

  • Chitown Kev


    I’ve done that also (as if you needed to inform me of that). Hell, Pam Spaulding has been blogging about Uganda for YEARS! Hell, I’ve even answered a posting to a blog by this very monster.


    Ah, the “these people” should know better line (more or less) is so tired.

    Now I am with you on the bigots efforts to deny the influence of American WHITE evangelicals.

    They are just as homophobic as he and would execute you, me, and any other gay if they thought they could get away with it. That’s not more or less homophobic than Ssempra, it’s exactly the same.

  • delurker

    @Cassandra: Are you blind?

    It’s comments like these that are racist:

    “A few years ago Ssempa would have been frollicking naked in his village with a large bone proudly sticking through his nose.”

    Is this a valid criticism of Sempa’s or any other Uganadan’s homophobia? Does this change or help what is going on in that country. Your dismissal of racism such as this just another case of PC hysteria

    is racist.

  • Timothy

    Ssempa’s appeal to racism is a red herring.

    We (and by “we”, I mean Box Turtle Bulletin which monitored the story from the beginning and brought it to mainstream attention) do not say that the three Americans who went to Uganda were believed because they were white. Actually, one of them was black and their skin color had nothing to do with their credibility.

    They were believed because they were Americans, supported by Christian organizations, and came claiming to be experts.

    And they were treated as authorities on the subject. They came with their fraudulent books and their bogus claims and even testified before the Ugandan legislature. So you better believe that they were influential.

    Like it or not, PC or not, when an American speaks in Africa, the Africans listen. The US is perceived as powerful and informed and is often a source of aid and care. It’s not skin color, it’s perceived authority.

    They listen even harder if the American is perceived as being educated and supported by a Christian organization.

    So when Lively claimed that the Nazis were homosexual, the Ugandans believed him. When he said that the Rwanda massacres were conducted by homosexuals, the Ugandans believed him. When Brundidge claimed that homosexuals can become heterosexual, the Ugandans believed him. When Schmierer said that being gay is caused by a distant father or sexual abuse, the Ugandans believed him.

    Little local pastor Ssempa may be the voice behind the Kill the Gays Bill, but he would not have been nearly as effective without American Authorities bringing “the truth” based on “studies”.

    Well, now that the Americans who came (and who never thought they’d get caught) are running for the hills, Ssempa wants to pretend it’s all about race.

    Now Ssempa’s all concerned about being African and being black (He was less concerned when he married his white wife). He knows that claims of racism can often shield you from criticism.

    It’s not going to work this time.

  • Timothy

    As for the “bone through the nose” joker above, I hesitate to give you any more of the attention that you so obviously crave.

    Nevertheless, let me offer this advice: Please consider sexual orientation therapy and joining a right-wing church.

    Yeah, I know it doesn’t work. But I think that you’d be far more comfortable around others who are motivated by hatred.

  • EWE

    Religion is the enemy. This is another perfect example of that.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Scott Lively should be arrested for inciting an atmosphere of GENOCIDE in Uganda and he wants to bring it home to over 12 MILLION Americans who identify as LGBT.

    And I started a petition.

    This may seem like a wasted effort, but this man is clearly a terrorist (just ask LGBT Ugandans) and he’s PROUD of it.


  • Robert, NYC

    No. 28, Taylor…how do you know there are 12 million who identify as LGBT in America? Out of a population of 300 million, I would have thought it were a bit higher than that.

  • Timothy


    The CDC uses a figure of about 4%. It likely derives from their comprehensive study released in 2005 which found those same results.

    I would actually estimate a bit lower. Children don’t identify as LGBT, and even teens often delay such recognition. Counting only adults and using 4%, you get around 10 million Americans.

    Of course there are more who may not identify (the Ted Haggards and Roy Ashburns) but 10 Mil is a good number for Americans who identify as LGBT.

  • taylor siluwe

    I got that figure based on the 4% vs the 10% of the Kinsey study which many disagree with. But 4% of people identified themselves as gay or lesbian based on the 2008 Election exit polls. I actually disagree with Timothy and think its higher.

    There is an incalculable number who would never identify themselves as bi or gay, but are anyway. And if they were caught indulging themselves under Lively-inspired odious laws, they’d be just as locked-up or dead.

  • Chitown Kev


    “Now Ssempa’s all concerned about being African and being black (He was less concerned when he married his white wife).”

    Timothy, are you serious? LMAO.

  • terrwill

    When is someone gonna drag all the very small skeletons out of Scott Lively’s closet?????

  • Bill Perdue

    The United States, as I’ve often said, is a cesspool of toxic racism, homohating and hatred for women.

    That’s clearly illuminated by this discussion.

    The use of the Nazi term subhuman is an example of racism, even if an attempt is made to cover this excremental fascist garbage with an aside about the possibility of Euroamericans being bad too. The facts are that homohating was introduced and codified into law by European and Islamist colonists and cults. It’s being maintained by Euroamerican neo-colonialist homohating cultists like Rick Warren, bosom buddy and fellow bigot of Barak Obama.

    Both oppose same sex marriage and both Warren and Obama are functional bigots. Their personal views are immaterial.

    Kieran’s comments are another example of rancid racism. Kieran is a pustule on the ass of fascism. And Derreck, if anyone fucks Kieran they’d best invest in wet suit before mounting up. A condom just won’t do.

    The (non-racist, pro-LGBT) strategy we should adopt to aid our brothers and sisters in Uganda, Kenya and other nations is:

    1. We should insist that the UN prohibit member countries from having any relations – except trade or aid in food, medical, sanitary and other humanitarian necessities – with Uganda if this bill passes.

    2. We should demand that the World Court issue arrest warrants for any legislators who votes for this bill or officials who enforce it or corporatate agent that does business , other than humanitarian efforts, in Uganda .

    3. We should demand that the EU and US offer an open ended amnesty, immigrant status and social services to any LGBT folks fleeing countries where christers and islamists are conducting pogroms or state sponsored mass murder campaigns against LGBT folks. Get in touch with the White House and the State Department and demand that Obama and H. Clinton declare a policy of open asylum for everyone endangered by draconian Hitlerite hate laws and pogroms in South Asia and Africa.

    They should be given blanket diplomatic protection by the US, the promise of citizenship if desired and social services.
    Anyone who wants to stay on top of these developments should subscribe to

    Gays Without Borders at

    or Doug Irelands excellent blog DIRELAND at .

  • delurker

    @Bill Perdue: “demand that Obama and H. Clinton declare a policy of open asylum for everyone endangered by draconian Hitlerite hate laws and pogroms in South Asia and Africa.”

    South Asia is India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. What “Hitlerite hate laws and pogroms” are coming from there?

  • Jadis

    All this race business is just a distraction. In the face of the reality of an extermination plan, everything else is irrelevant.

    And the UN will again fail to do anything productive, just like in Rwanda. Armed intervention is what we should be talking about.

  • EWE

    Black people are completely capable of being idiotic and evil completely on their own and of their own volition. I agree.

  • Kieran

    To all the sensitive ladies at queerty who think its not appropriate to insult Sempa because he happens to be black: All I can say to you is to go stick a rusty pitchfork up your rectum and rotate. This Ugandan piece of shit is actually calling for the death penalty for gay people. I don’t care if he’s black, white, Catholic or Chinese…..he’s an uncivilized savage PERIOD.

  • Bill Perdue

    @delurker: In general I was referring to the South Asian nations currently occupied or under threat of attack by the US Central Command and it satellite troops. Those nations include Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan and any nation seen as a threat to US hegemony over the regions natural resources, coveted by US and English petrochemical industries.

    But since you asked, here is some other info:

    Islamic Law to Be Imposed in Parts of Pakistan
    From i>Infidels are cool Feb. 2009
    “PESHAWAR, Pakistan — The government agreed to impose Islamic law and suspend a military offensive across a large swath of northwest Pakistan on Monday in concessions aimed at pacifying a spreading Taliban insurgency there.
    … the chief minister for the North West Frontier Province, said authorities would impose Islamic law in Malakand region, which includes the Swat Valley.”

    These are the same Taliban groups who bury young gay men alive in Afghanistan and whom the US and it’s puppet government are trying to reach an agreement. The US will do anything and say anything to control the flow of gas and oil pipelines through Afghanistan.

    India also inherited the anti-sodomy laws in its criminal code from the British Raj, which were not present in its history of codified or customary legal system before. That section of Indian law, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, was read down by the Delhi High Court on July 2, 2009… Besides Anal-Sex is prohibited by law in the country.” Wiki Not exactly paradise for LGBT folks.

    Sri Lanka “Homosexuality may be technically illegal under a broad provision dealing with, “gross indecency”, although the law has never been enforced. Since the 1990s there have been efforts to advance the rights of LGBT Sri Lankans.” Wiki

    Nepal Not exactly paradise for LGBT folks.

    You can answer these questions for yourself by linking to

  • adman

    ChitownKev is at it with the thread jacking again. Careful of your pan-african apologist streak, you fricken lame….Next you’ll be thread jacking about how someone said something about your mother. What a pathetic place you live in, please seek reparative anti-gay therapy, you’re a net loss to anyone and any thing gay.

    Tell us what your big AA daddy figure told you this week, as he outlined the revolution to your weak ass. Did you idolize his uber-black masculinity? Did he give you something to silently stew over as you ride the bus to teeth sucking sounds all around you on your way to his house. AA faggots have a TON to answer for. Where are you GLBT’s..oh E_X_C_U_S_E ME! Same Gender Loving (that’s the PC fist in the air “black” term du jour) from the “community”? Oh that’s right, mouthing off on Queerty to people of clearer vision, better education, and quite frankly more class than the lickspittle Chitownkev.

  • delurker

    @Kieran: You’ve pretty much been outed as a vile racist. Nice to see you doubling down and not backing away.

    Some white gays use any post about black homophobia to air their latent racial prejudices. It must be a nice release for you degenerates, like cumming. Well enjoy getting your racial spooge on. :D

  • EWE

    @Kieran: Say it loud. Say it over and over and over again. Thank you. Scream it every day in every way to everyone you can.

  • EWE

    @delurker: It is perfectly ok to put down black people for being black if they are the ones putting down gay people for being gay. I will call black evangelicals that overwhelmingly voted for Prop. 8 the name calling they deserve. You are uptight and pc at your own demise. There is no way that black people should not be able to step back and take a damn good look in the mirror at the color of their skin before they start putting down other minorities. In this case calling for the death and killing of gay people… black gay ugandans! Grip some reality. You are completely misguided and silencing yourself with your propaganda. That shit don’t work with people on the street and/or from the ghetto. Gay ghetto included. The truth is it takes one to know one and this Ssempa skank is deserving of anything that comes his way. And he is gonna get it too.

  • EWE

    @Jimmy: Jimmy said it at the top of this post. Evangelicalism to Fascism. Faggots, Fobs, Niggers, Howleys, White Trailer Trash, Honkeys, Kikes. It’s all the same and no hold bars allowed in love and war. Words are not as dangerous as deeds.

  • delurker

    @EWE: “It is perfectly ok to put down black people for being black if they are the ones putting down gay people.”

    WTF? No, it doesn’t, you mental midget. Just because you and like-minded people lack the emotional maturity and knowledge to debate and counter without using racist slurs (or misogynist slurs or ethnic stereotyping, etc.) doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

    Like I said, you fools just have this deep-seated racial animus that is aching to come out and your lizard brains use any topic dealing with black homophobia to lash out with your racism, as if it gives your some sort of license. You emotionally stunted children do the gay community no favors with this bullshit.

    That’s not to say there aren’t valid critiques and arguments against Ssempa and other people like him. There most certainly are. You don’t really make them with statements like this that Kieran said:

    “A few years ago Ssempa would have been frollicking naked in his village with a large bone proudly sticking through his nose.”

  • EWE

    @delurker: You misquoted me. No surprise really. check out your first misstatement. I am not gonna do it for you. I suggest you try and silence someone else with your false sense of manipulative shaming. My life is on the line Bitch. I play the game the way it is presented to me. Tough for you if you can’t be mature enough to figure out how to do that.
    You live a sheltered life and a blessed one at that to say such ignorant blanket statements.

    My support for what Kieran said was Number 39 not number 6 but you are such a flipped overreacting KOONT that you couldn’t possibly think straight. Go bother someone else

  • delurker

    You’re an abject idiot. It’s really no wonder you are defending a vile racist. In 39, Kieran doubling down in what he said in post 6. They are related.

    How am I misquoting you, you dink? Those are your exact words.

  • EWE

    @delurker: If an ignorant black person puts me down then i return the favor. That is what this is about. It is not an insult like your vitriol toward me. Yell racist all you want. I really don’t care cause it isn’t true and i fucken know it. I will meet you on a rooftop or a stairwell for you next hit girlfriend.

    You should learn how to read correctly and not pick and choose which words you want when quoting what someone said. Just cram it delurcher. You have no right to group this animal with upstanding people.

  • delurker

    I view you, Ssempa, and Kieran all the same–with utter contempt. He’s a homophobe, and you two are morons and very possibly racists. I have no use for any of you.

  • EWE

    @delurker: good, get a pair of eyeglasses and take a nap.

  • Lukas P.

    The crux of the matter is religion, not race.

    Homosexuality exists, across culture, race, ethnicity, and even TADA, species. Arguments against homosexual behaviour boil down to religious beliefs on what some God(s) supposedly believed and taught about same-sex attraction and behavior. Many proponants of religion — Chri$tianity, [email protected], [email protected], Hinduism, M0rm0nism, Animism, etc. have decreed LGB’s to be sinful, worth exiling/reviling/killing/converting/punishing/eliminating.

    The core issue is this: humans tend to think in binary ways: If X is good, Y is bad. If person A doesn’t agree with me, then s/he must die.

    Whether Pastor Ssempa got his ideas from people with “dark” skin, “medium” skin or “fair” skin doesn’t matter so much as his belief in a “holy book” with a god’s “instruction” to slay/punish those people who go against the principles of his particular “guidebook.”

  • Chitown Kev


    That’s funny, noone would ever accuse me of even liking black churchified people, in fact, I really can’t stand them (and that would be for reasons that have very little to do with homophobia).

    And when a black churchified person brings it to me, I throw it right back.


    Actually, it’s not like an orgasm, it’s more like they just got a hit of some really good drugs. I don’t see buy-bull beating black folks (at least about the gays) ANY differently and I never have (and that even goes back to childhood).

    And the only “black evangelicals” that voted on Prop 8 live in California. I don’t see any calling all those white Catholics that voted in maine as peckerwoods.

  • delurker

    @Chitown Kev: Maine is an inconvenient truth for these people. It’s a blue state that voted for Obama but voted down gay marriage. But it’s 97% white! No black folks there to blame the outcome on. It’s more fun to blame that 6% (yes SIX PERCENT) of the CA electorate to this day.

  • EWE

    @Chitown Kev: peckerwoods? thats racist. How dare you. You are so terribly vile. I have no time for such things. She says facetiously.

  • EWE

    @delurker: So you want to bring up Maine now and defend those homophobes too? Listen you quack. Kieran said this animal is a savage and this idiot gay bashing murderer disguised as a christian pastor is running around saying that he is thinking all on his own without the help of the white man. Newsflash: Christianity was introduced to Africa because of Colonialist caucasians whose sole purpose was to enlighten savages. He is a vicious pawn and gay ugandans are the victims that YOU are throwing away with your politically correct talk in the comfort of safety. Any means necessary is my motto. You just cannot think in terms of real equality that dictates you get what you give. Get over it.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Actually, Christianity hit the African continent about 1,100 years before it even came to North America, or most of Europe and it wasn’t white people who brought it there.

    Try looking up the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, just in case you thought those Roman Catholic revisionists invented christianity.

    Back then the savages, as you call them, were the ones running around Gaul, Germanica and Brittania, and they were lily-assed white boys.

  • EWE

    I agree the savages were running around Gaul Germanica etc. as you say and i do confess i was talking about the Roman Catholic Revisionists.

  • EWE

    @strumpetwindsock: Would you care to elaborate on real equality dictates you get what you give or are you just into being silenced with pc crap while others kill those like you without being reminded that their own history allowed for the same thing?

  • EWE

    @delurker: are you saying only whites are putting down blacks? Gee you are so very presumptuous leaning toward outright oppressive innuendo of whites? I am sure one never think of latinos when you think of California. god forbid.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Silenced? Only if you think I should be echoing everything you say, and frankly I don’t agree.

    I just think it is prudent to keep keep your eye on the real target.

    This concerns a bill before the Ugandan parliament. As much as you want to debate who supports it we are talking about a legal fight in a political arena.

    I think it is a shame people want to use this as excuse to go off on racist and discriminatory rants. Speaking as a 100% white guy, it’s embarrasing to see people whom I assume are some of my own behave like snaggletoothed peckerwoods and upperclass over-privileged inbreeds.

  • EWE

    @strumpetwindsock: Well when a black man calls me a faggot i respond by calling him a nigger. It has always silenced them immediately and it is not off base or racist. It is giving what i got and i don’t apologize for it. As a matter of fact there tends to be an immediate understanding. Now we have a black pastor killing gay people. My message has always been that if you think you are going to any top of any mountain kicking gay people back, you are mistaken. Your loftiness does not impress me.

  • Used to Be Lukas

    Bishop Tutu has made some very poweful statements about homophobia in Africa, at Since Queerty has banned me from posting under my actual screen-name, I won’t comment further but it’s worth googling.
    I miss y’all.

  • adman

    @ChitownKev- prove it, you are much more transparent than you seem to understand right now.

  • hephaestion

    I’m no expert on Africa, but I have known a lot of Africans. And in my experience the most homophobic ones have been the ones with the most contact with white missionaries. And the Africans I’ve known with almost no contact with whites have welcomed and even honored their gay tribesmen/countrymen.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @Kieran: Wrong answer Kieran. This comment is more a reflection on your own bigotry than his.

  • Tackle

    Great point!

  • $0.02

    @ewe, so you think calling a black man a nigger will help your case? At least you admit that you do that and do it proudly. But I’d be wrong to call you a racist wouldn’t I? It’s not about racism though is it? Would you call a white man, asian man, hispanic man a nigger id they also called you a fag? I’d venture to say no because you know that epithet is reserved for blacks and blacks alone. But you think that isn’t racismand you aren’t a racist for waying that? By that logic the idiots who call you a “fag” must not be homophobic because they aren’t referring to your orientation they probably just don’t like you is that it???And you expect people on here to believe they do absolutely nothing? Keep that up I’m sure you’ll get through life without violence just fine that way. All I know is the next guy might not be so quiet about it. Personally when anyone of any race calls me a homophobic name I don’t answer them back with the same ignorance. Intellectually stumping a person seems to do the trick of making them look stupid far better. But some just aren’t capable of that.

    @terrwill, that’s right all blacks are scumbags. You can judge all black people, every last one of them around the world based on this one country. You can base Julian Bond, Coretta Scott King, StaceyAnn Chin, Wanda Sykes, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and Dr. Cornel West on the uneducated masses in Uganda. Too bad I missed that memo…

  • Chris

    I really can’t believe anyone would actually DEFEND this Ssempa shitbag. He can burn in hell and take his religious view with him. You guys really think that he’d be any more lenient on any of you if you happened to live in Uganda? I bet the fuck not! “But, please don’t have me executed! I defended you on!” Such blind liberal bullshit.

  • alan

    It’s clear that white gays to not care a whit about Ugandan homosexuals or any nonwhite LGBTs for that matter. Look at the language being used: nigger, cesspool, barbarian, subhuman, savage, tribal, genocide. So much for gay solidarity.

    White gays are not interested in helping their counterparts in Uganda, they are bent on using this anti-gay legislation(hardly unique to Uganda or Africa) as grist for their supremacist hate-agenda.

    I’d love to be proven wrong but it’s evident that this is the way most white gays in the US think. The “psychological wage” of race supremacy makes up for innate feelings of homosexual inferiority.

  • EWE

    @alan: Whatever makes you think that only white gay people use such words. You are the one with the tunnel vision. Eat your own words.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    Saying things like “most white gays” would leave a bad taste in my mouth, and make me feel a big ol’ hypocrite when used in a screed against racism.

    But that’s just me.

  • Chris

    Hey, Alan – I don’t see that many black people falling all over themselves to help out the people in Africa, gay or straight. Please spare us the liberal white guilt. Not all of us are descendants of slave masters.

  • jeffree

    the pastor supports death for gays. does it matter so much if hes black? no! he’s trying to get gays punished in his country & most of the people there are also black. those people are gay and they are human and our brothers & sisters whether or not they are white or black. its wrong to kill people or punish people with whips or jails or fines just because theyre gay. making this about skin color doesnt make a.n.y. sense. the pastor doesnt understand that god made people black and white and in between^^ or straight or gay or inbetween. we dont choose our race or which sex we get attracted to. this is crazy in 2010, we all should know better by now.

  • EWE

    @jeffree: It is this idiotic pastor that brough up race. One can internalize racism as a form of coping but others are free to react to the effects of that. Hey, calling a spade a spade is not exclusively the right of any one group. This is complete bullshit. Practice what you preach if you don’t want to hear the same shit you toss out.

  • alan

    For the first time in human history LGBTs are under attack all over the world, including in the US. It was only 4 decades ago when there were anti sodomy laws in 49 US states. Westerners should be to providing support and advice to Ugandans instead of spiteful vitriol.

    LGBTs who actually care about our rights around the world should attempt to eradicate these bitter, malevolent racists from our spaces because they are an embarrassment and are setting us back.

    But most people on this site are looking for pictures of half naked boys and celebrity gossip so perhaps this is not the best forum to discuss politics and life-or-death issues anyway. I don’t know why I bother.

  • jeffree

    @ EWE: that’s right! i think the pastor thinks race or gay issues matters more than human rights. Hating someone because theyre a different color or from a different country or because they’re gay is wrong.

    Me being gay & so i’m a minority should make me understand how the other minority people get treated with hatered. On the comments here i see people using hate for others without recognizing that the majority hates a.l.l. of us minorities for being different. So all of us minorities get divided & conquered, so the majority wins + we get screwed over.

  • EWE

    @jeffree: I completely agree but we aren’t talking about that here. This pastor gets no free pass. He is killing gay people. He is using god as his ticket and he is saying it is not because of the white man. What majority do you think is pulling those strings? And who cares anyway? People are being murdered. There is no time for analysis.

  • jeffree

    @EWE: the USA seems to say we’re against the Uganda policy but that doesnt mean were doing anything, does it? from what ive read here & other places the United Nations is powerless & US denounces the pastor but we don’t withold financial or food aid or put on pressure some other ways.

    i’m not really undesrstanding at allwhy churches outside Uganda arent speaking out more strongly or why the US or U N won’t take sanctiions. the handsoff policies allow this hatered to spread and it w.i.l.l. spread in to other countries.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Jeffree …

    Let’s not say all churches don’t care about what’s going on in Uganda. Here’s an event in NYC on the subject:

    The Human Rights Crisis in Uganda

    Join Maranatha and Other Sheep for a forum on “The Human Rights Crisis in Uganda” on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 411 MLK at Riverside.

    Political Research Associates Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma, author of “Globalizing the Culture Wars: U.S. Conservatives, African Churches, and Homophobia,” and Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) leader Frank Mugisha will discuss the intersecting of the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill, U.S. church politics, and the Institute on Democracy and Religion.

    Co-sponsored by: Believe OutLoud Episcopal Congregations, Integrity NYC, Dignity New York and USA, Metropolitan Community Church of New York – MCCNY, Presbyterian Welcome, Silence to Speech Productions: Lavender & Green Alliance..

    Yours in the struggle

  • cantstandthisbs

    anyway death penatly in uganda has past for homosexuals.

    christians have been going to africa to brainwash the africans into believe homosexuality is the biggest threat to them, wait i thought not having food water and developed infrastructure was. they won the christians one telling african churches that “homosexual men rape teenage boys all over america and destroy families”

    homosexuality is not africa’s biggest problems poverty is. those priests are down right scum. holy shit i weep for my brothers who get accused of being gay, like a salem witch hunt.

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