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Carly Simon’s gay ex-husband has a lot to say

Carly Simon fans will no doubt be intrigued by some new revelations from Jim Hart in his new memoir, in which he talks about being married to the famous singer while languishing in the closet.

The two were introduced in the late 80s in a train station, and he had no idea she was a famous singer — he barely even listened to music. But they got along famously, even though he had a bit of a secret life via gay sex chats and cruising spots.

It took years of therapy for Jim to come to terms with his sexuality — all the while doing his best to be a supportive partner for Carly. He helped her deal with anxiety and panic attacks and stage fright. On the advice of Jackie O, he opened Carly’s mail to shield her from weird fans and threats.

In return, Carly supported Jim when he left the insurance industry and began working on a novel.

But his sexuality was a problem as long as it remained secret — particularly when he experienced an attraction to James Taylor. Eventually, Carly’s accountants noticed that he was making calls to gay sex chat lines from one of the lines set up in the apartment. He confessed what he’d done and promised it would stop.

But it didn’t. He suffered from addiction and more clandestine affairs until it was all too much and he went to rehab — multiple times. After nineteen years of marriage, they finally split up, but Hart had at least one victory: he was finally ready to stop hiding his sexuality.

You’ll find these and assumedly many, many more stories about Hart and Simon in Hart’s book, Lucky Jim.

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