Catholic University Rescinds Fellowship From Professor For Supporting Marriage Equality

A British professor lost her fellowship from a Catholic university because she publicly supported marriage equality in the UK.

Professor Tina Beattie of London’s Roehampton University was set to begin a fellowship at the University of San Diego in Southern California. But administrators pulled their invitation when they discovered Beattie was one of the signers of a letter, printed this summer in the Times of London, that proclaimed it “perfectly proper for Catholics, using fully informed consciences, to support the legal extension of civil marriage to same-sex couples.”

In a letter dated October 27, university president Mary Lyon wrote, “I hope you understand the difficulties associated with this decision, one to which I arrived with great and thoughtful consideration.”

Gerard Mannion, director of the university’s Center of Catholic Thought and Culture, said he was “very surprised, shocked and deeply disappointed” by the decision. He also announced students and staff were planning a series of protests.

Beattie, who blamed her removal on a group of irate bloggers, said she had planned to avoid controversy in her tenure at the school.