CBS axes ‘Love Island’ contestant after gay adult film past surfaces

Noah Purivs on ‘Love Island’ (far right). CBS screengrab

One of the newest contestants of the CBS hetero hookup hour Love Island suddenly vanished from the show this week without explanation from the producers. The reason, according to insiders: his past as an adult film performer.

Noah Purvis, 24, joined the cast of the show September 18 only to disappear just a few days later. Love Island has an unusual format in that airs almost daily to keep viewers hooked. Originally from St. Louis, the show initially billed Purvis as a home healthcare provider whose hobbies included bodybuilding and making YouTube videos.

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That biography vanished from the show’s official website, as did any mention of Purvis on the series itself. That may have something to do with a glaring omission from said biography: Purvis actually works as an adult film performer, with his latest video posting to the internet earlier this month.

We’re guessing that since Purvis performs in gay films under the name Ethan for several adult labels including Corbin Fisher, the producers of a show about heterosexual love (or at least heterosexual hook-ups) found his part on Love Island incompatible with his 9-to-5 job.

The website RepublicWorld also reports that CBS executives had no knowledge of Purvis’ work in adult film. When fans of Love Island began posting links on social media to Purvis’ gay adult film career, they panicked and removed him from the show, going so far as to re-edit episodes to delete his presence entirely. References to Purvis have also vanished from the show’s website and social media accounts.

Neither CBS nor Purvis have issued an official comment on his departure from the show at the time of this writing.

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