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Champion diver Bryden Hattie is gunning for the Olympics & living his best gay life on TikTok

Bryden Hattie

Bryden Hattie is a World Cup winner, SEC Diver of the Year, and aspiring Olympian.

He’s also a dedicated TikToker, and just seems like a lot of fun!

The out gay Canadian diver was recently profiled in Outsports, where he spoke about his love of competing and pop culture. He’s a two-time SEC medal winner and Canadian 3-meter springboard champion.

He also has a Paris Hilton-inspired tattoo on his forearm.

“That’s hot,” it reads.


Dressed in fashion-forward attire and sporting painted nails, it’s apparent that Hattie embraces his queer identity. During last year’s Commonwealth Games, the Team Canada athlete submitted a letter to Pride House Birmingham, which offers a safe space to congregate for LGBTQ+ athletes.

In it, he wrote, “Everyone deserves the right to feel accepted and live their lives authentically.”

That’s what he’s been doing over at the University of Tennessee, where he’s one of the top divers in the powerhouse SEC. His TikTok page (with over 1.2 million “likes”) is filled with cute bits about Grindr and his life as an out athlete.


They have the same business hours as a McDonalds. Like please its 4am.


Hattie recognizes the power of visibility and his platform. Posting a silly TikTok with Nikki Minaj blaring in the background is about more than paying homage to the rapper and modern gay icon.

It’s about showing other gay athletes they can stan their favorite pop diva, too!

“I’m glad that there’s more visibility and that more people are coming out, despite the trolls,” Hattie told Outsports. “They should just breathe a little bit, get in touch with reality and accept that yes, there is going to be gays in sports.”

A product of Gen Z, Hattie is past the whole “coming out” post thing. But that doesn’t mean he thinks his sexuality is irrelevant.

He is gay, after all, and doesn’t want to hide.

“I really like being gay and being able to use that to make other people feel comfortable. I’m human—but I’m also gay,” he said.

When Hattie was starting at Tennessee, he found inspiration in another out gay championship diver around his age: Aidan Faminoff. The Vancouver native was at Florida State and shining as his true self.

“He went off to college in Florida and that’s when he came out. You could see how much he changed and I was beginning to experience that too—a feeling that I wanted to take that step,” said Hattie.

The two remain close today, with Hattie even attending one of Faminoff’s drag performances. (Queerty spoke to Faminoff this summer about his fierce drag persona, Hazel.)

By looking at his Instagram, Hattie seemed to enjoy himself this summer, traveling to Portugal and getting in some much-needed relaxing time on the beach. He has a busy season ahead, with the Winter Senior Nationals on tap in December, and a chance to qualify for the next World Aquatics Championship.

Placing in the top 18 there would put Hattie in contention for a spot in the Olympics.

His competitive nature is obvious.

“I woke up this morning knowing what I needed to do to win,” he said following a gold medal win in May. “I wanted to be consistent in the qualification rounds, and then just enjoy the final.”

And we’re enjoying watching Hattie thrive! If he makes the Olympics, he promises to show off his other tattoo, which is covered in Pride colors.

Yes please!

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