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Cheering On Your Team Is More Fun When You Can Wear Something Homophobic


When we heard about the homophobic tees and bumper stickers being sported by anti-Chicago Cubs fans, little did we realize the company peddling this crap was trafficking heavily in other offensive gear. Chi City Tees, which “hope[s] you enjoy wearing our designs as much as we enjoy creating them and remember,” doesn’t just limit its apparel to homophobia. There are slights against Hispanics and the disabled, too! And because sometimes pun-y insults span leagues, we’re not just limited to Cubs slang, either. Herewith, a gallery of hate for sale. (Thanks Peter!)

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  • D-Sun

    “Green Gay Fudge Packers?”

    That sounds like something a fourth grader would come up with upon learning the word “gay” and the term “fudge packers.”

    I bet the only reason that shirt exists is because someone working for this company noticed for the first time that “gay” and “bay” rhyme, and they thought they were clever.

  • TomChicago

    the tip of the iceberg: fear and loathing is a large part of the heartland.

  • ggreen

    Iowa has same sex marriage and NO sports franchises to suck up tax payer money and less homophobia.

  • Adam Woods

    I think we can all agree that this is offensive. But I must confess, as a lifelong Cubs fan I can think of no t-shirt I’ve ever preferred over the one that says, “The Cardinals take it in the Pujols.”

  • CMYK

    It’s not really a surprise to see the average Sox fan spewing homophobic bullshit. This is the same fan base that praised Ozzie Guillen for calling a Chicago columnist a “faggot” in front of the t.v. cameras.

    Stay classy, South Side!

  • edgyguy1426

    Edgyguy <- an average Sox fan. Remember it’s shirt makers that are making these and selling them on both sides of town; they peddle the hate and bigotry north and south and they’re sadly plenty of buyers on both sides. Kamikaze Fukudome t-shirts, anyone? Ozzie or Zambrano with a lawn mower?

    Stay Classy ,South Side & North Side!

  • Joanaroo

    These shirts are plain disgusting and are childish ignorance. If I ever have any reason to go to the Midwest (not counting Iowa) I think I’ll take along some anti-Midwest, anti-religion T-shirts. Then with their hating I’ll feel right at home.

  • Alex

    Lumping all Midwesterners into one big homophobic, bible-toting group is just as stereotypical and offensive as these shirts are to gays.

    I am from a small Wisconsin town and I came out a year ago and nobody has given me any trouble for it. In fact, people have been quite supportive.

    My mind cringes at reading Midwestphobic comments like yours just as much as it does upon reading all these stories of homophobia posted on this site.

    – A Gay Wisconsinite

  • Sara

    What a nasty, hateful company.

    Frustratingly there’s probably no real point in complaining to them as they think they’re doing nothing wrong.

    I’m hoping Yahoo see things differently: Chi City uses the Yahoo! Store platform to peddle their delightful wares. I’ve just reported them to Yahoo as they seem to be violating their terms of service (see link). Worth a shot I thought!

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