Children Of Same-Sex Parents Healthier And More Adjusted Than Their Peers, Says New Study

gay_parentsInside the imaginary bubble of right-wing rhetoric, there are countless great reasons why gay couples should never be allowed to have kids.

First and foremost, just think of the children — those poor innocent souls, irreparably damaged by the moral and societal degradation of their parents’ same-sex sin, their successful futures almost certainly compromised.

Right-wing loonies love this line of logic. Reverend Franklin Graham suggested kids are better off in orphanages than with gay parents, as governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney blocked birth certificates to gay parents, and the always terrifying Family Research Council even justified kidnapping children of gay parents.

All of this in the name of putting children’s interests first.

Well, rhetoric can only get you so far, and luckily for us there are actual gay families proving these guys wrong every day.

And now this: the largest study to date on children with gay parents found them doing just as well if not better than their peers.

500 children from over 300 gay couples in Australia were subjected to a series of standardized measures to gauge health and well being in relation to the general population, and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

“We found that children from same-sex families scored, on average, 6 percent better on two key measures, general health and family cohesion, even when controlling for a number sociodemographic factors such as parent education and household income,” wrote lead researcher Simon Crouch. “But on most health measures, including emotional behaviour and physical functioning, there was no difference when compared with children from the general population.”

One advantage researches suggest is gay parents’ likelihood to stray from traditional gender role stereotypes, fostering a “more harmonious family unit and therefore feeding on to better health and well being.”

It’s just one more drop in the fact bucket to extinguish the sparks of nonsense the right loves to ignite their base with (and certainly not the first time a study has found gays to be great parents), but an important one nonetheless.

And really, after seeing these pictures of two gay dads meeting their newborn for the first time, its impossible not to feel the love.

h/t: Salon

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  • JonnyOzark

    The embedded link (gays to be great parents) links to a Queerty article from Oct. 2012 regarding a UCLA study. What is the link to the Australian study?

  • Mezaien

    No one need any link! I am HOMO with two girls, four boys I still produce sperms, they all ding very good, and I can still fuck any of you.

  • LandStander

    This “study” is just a survey of parents, asking them to SELF REPORT how well adjusted their children are. This can hardly be taken seriously as scientific literature.

    If we want to prove anything, we need real scientific studies, not surveys that ask parents how often they think their kids are sad (the parents are hardly objective).

  • Cobalt Blue

    Sorry, but if you are gay ( or lesbian, or ‘etc’ ) leave children for straight couples. Think of the lack of the mother ( or father ), think that adoption can turn in a nightmare when kids grow up and start to understand what is going on with their parents ( his own family – They’ll compare their’s with their friends’ ): Spare you to have to hear in some arguing : ” I wish I wasn’t adopted by you. ” You would like to have a same sex marriage? Ok, it’s better than be a ridiculous slut displayed on Grind seecking men forever, but don’t try to emulate a straight family so much because it involves other’s fellings and no one has control about it. Go buy/adopt a dog, a cat; go do social work; go make gardening but never bring chindren into your life as if they were like soulless toys. Society isn’t ready to accept this and this australian research is bullshit.

  • GeriHew

    @Cobalt Blue: Please stop pretending that the human race is neatly divided into two discrete populations called “straight” and “gay”.

    Many same-sex couples, especially in the case of female same-sex couples, have children from previous relationships with the opposite sex. Are you suggesting that these parents should simply give up parenting their children? Or perhaps you are in favour of the state confiscating their children?

  • Cobalt Blue

    @GeriHew: In this case it’ll be like a straight couple ( Sorry, but it’s true): The children will have father and mother and the other, the new partner will be viewed as an intruder.

  • Disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle choice

    Handing an innocent kid over to a couple of sickos is very sad. There is no such thing as “same sex parents” The very definition of parents is the man and woman it requires to have a child. These kids are at best, intentionally half orphaned, taken away from their mothers and handed over to two confused perverts to play house with.

    I am so glad I wasn’t raised by confused sickos.

    This free e-book ‘How to recruit proof your child’ is a free guide on how parents can protect their children from being influenced by homosexualism. I have successfully employed these parenting skills to navigate my children away from perversion. I am happy to say that my children are now married in the only true sense of the word marriage, to the opposite sex, and their fruitful marriage has produced children like only a natural man and woman union can, and that my children are successful adults who do not set a bad example for children by engaging in perversion or basing their entire identity around what they do with their genitals, unlike “gays” who are disgusting confused sickos.

  • Disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle choice

    Everybody knows that “research” like this can’t be trusted. Colleges are filled with fag enabler academics that are pushing the gay agenda.

    If you really believe in the human rights of kids then don’t hand them over to two sodomite sickos to be a fashion accessory. Kids have a right to their mother and father if at all possible. There is nothing more repulsive than two men denying an innocent child his right to a mother. This is why Al Qaeda hates us.

  • GeriHew

    @Cobalt Blue: Viewed as in an intruder by whom?

  • GeriHew

    @Disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle choice: And just before you go if you had actually taken the time to look at the research you would have seen that is states: “315 parents completed the survey (completion rate?=?81%) representing 500 children. 80% of children had a female index parent while 18% had a male index parent.”

    In case you don’t understand what that means, it means that the majority of the children studied in this survey are living with their mothers.

  • masc4masc

    So basically kids with two dads are better off than kids who have both mom and dad. Thanks for my LOL of the day, Dan! As a father happily raising his daughter with her mother, I’d almost find this logic offensive if it wasn’t so RIDICULOUS. Anyone with even half a brain can see this is all saturated in subjectivity. Which misogynistic gay agenda queen is behind this “study”?

  • Stache99

    @masc4masc: Yeah, you’re the type that would be completely on board though with the (discredited by everyone except the right wing lunatics) Regnerus study with all it’s lies and distortions.

  • Stache99

    @Disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle choice: Funny that they list several known SPLC certified hate groups as their resources for the book. Groups that have been caught using lies and distortions to demonize gay people.

  • masc4masc

    @Stache99: Don’t see how Regnerus’ study is any more subjective than this one. Regnerus is a homophobe and Crouch is gay, not exactly surprising that the conclusions of their studies both correlate with their personal beliefs. May I ask, how many kids do you have? Just a numeric value please.

  • manjoguy

    As a gay male I don’t think I’d be happier if I had two mothers. I would kind of feel like I was “missing something” (as loving and nurturing my two mothers might be). I agree with some posters here that we need scientific research, not the results just of self-declaration surveys. I wish we’d stop all this “right wing” hate talk – there are Catholic clergy that vote Democrat and support traditional marriage and there are Republicans who support gay marriage (in Massachusetts, Rich Tisei, a gay Republican candidate is running for a congressional seat here and is pro gay marriage.

  • Cobalt Blue

    @GeriHew: The kids.

  • Paco

    I definitely would have been better off with same sex parents that loved me for me, than the homophobic born again Christians I ended up with and haven’t spoken to in about 20 years.

  • GeriHew

    @Cobalt Blue: The kids? Could be but not necessarily.

    Anyway, I thought that would be your answer.

  • JonnyOzark

    @Dan Tracer: Thanks! Always important to have cites at hand when debating (arguing?).

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