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Chris Hemsworth’s looking astonishingly buff in “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer

Over the weekend, fans were treated to the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer at Comic Con, where they were got to watch Chris Hemsworth’s Thor having a plaintive heart-to-heart with Mark Ruffalo’s/CGI’s Hulk.

There are explosions, battles, and repartee galore — and a blink-and-you’ll miss it glimpse at Hemsworth’s superhero-franchise-worthy physique, freshly buffed-up for the role.

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We decided to turn that footage into a GIF, so you can stare at it endlessly while friends marry off, get promotions, find homes in different states, and come into their own, never knowing life could be this way.

Meanwhile, you’re still staring at Chris Hemsworth:

Watch the trailer below: 

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  • Frank

    Chris is paid millions of dollars to look buff and given all the supplements and assistance to make that happen…HOORAY…he passed the Hollywood test of going to the gym for 3-4 hours a day, 6 times a week while shooting a movie…

    This is NOTHING new and while his body does look “nice” it is not an honest body of someone who works 8-10 hours a day while managing their home and/or children…his entire schedule was cleared to make this happen…

    Much like when people were going NUTS about Demi Moore as if her daily schedule was anything like a “regular” mother…

    Hollywood provides distorted views and standards (if you prescribe to them) of beauty and masculinity…

    Let’s keep things in perspective…

    • MacAdvisor

      Yes, yes, yes, but — My G-d — is hot to look at.

    • Frank

      AGREED hot to look at for sure…not going to deny that fact…and he is tall the way I like my men

    • TMCinSF

      Yes, let’s keep things in perspective: He’s a movie star playing a god from another planet in a comic book based movie.

  • whatsaywhat

    He’s hot AF. Let’s not overanalyze this.

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