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Chris Hemsworth’s looking astonishingly buff in “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer

Over the weekend, fans were treated to the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer at Comic Con, where they were got to watch Chris Hemsworth’s Thor having a plaintive heart-to-heart with Mark Ruffalo’s/CGI’s Hulk.

There are explosions, battles, and repartee galore — and a blink-and-you’ll miss it glimpse at Hemsworth’s superhero-franchise-worthy physique, freshly buffed-up for the role.

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We decided to turn that footage into a GIF, so you can stare at it endlessly while friends marry off, get promotions, find homes in different states, and come into their own, never knowing life could be this way.

Meanwhile, you’re still staring at Chris Hemsworth:

Watch the trailer below: 

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