Praying For Cake

Christian Man With Way Too Much Time On His Hands Harrasses Bakeries

theodore-shoebatApparently retaliation is a Christian value.

In light of all the bakeries that refuse to serve gay customers, citing religious beliefs as their justification for discriminating against them, Theodore Shoebat of (a site that accepts donations to rescue persecuted Christians) decided to turn the tables, so he called bakery after bakery asking if they’d make him a cake for his pro-traditional marriage celebration with the phrase “gay marriage is wrong” written on it.

And he captured it on video.

The first call is by far the best because the woman who answers the phone turns out to be a right-on lesbian who goes off the minute he starts spouting his hate smack. (And P.S., after five-and-a-half minutes, she actually does agree to make him an antigay cookie — this particular bakery doesn’t make cakes — at which point the video cuts to another call.)

Every other person he calls does turn him down, to which he replies “I thought you guys were for equality” — even though at no point does any person he speaks to actually say they’re for equality.

What this guy clearly doesn’t get is that there’s a big difference between refusing to serve a customer and refusing to serve a customer in a certain way. For the sake of fairness, he should have also asked each bakery if they’d make a cake that said “religious fanatics are douche bags.” Because chances are, all of them would have said no to that as well. Asking someone to make a cake with a “pro” message is entirely different from asking someone to make one with an “anti” one.

In actuality, he’s not asking for equality; he’s asking for inequality.

Even more annoying is his constant misuse of the reflexive pronoun “myself”: “What about people like myself?” he asks ad nauseum, when he should be asking, “What about people like me?”

But here’s the real question: If you have this much time on your hands, dude, why aren’t you using it for something good? Wouldn’t that be the true Christian thing to do?

Watch the videos below.