Circumcised Men May Soon Be Able To Regrow Their Foreskin Thanks To New Miracle Therapy

Do you resent your parents for having you circumcised when you were a baby? If so, you’re in luck.

A U.S. medical company says it’s very close to developing a method that would allow circumcised men to regrow their foreskins the same way a lizard regrows its tail.

The company is called Foregen. According to its official website, Foregen is “a non-profit organization founded to research and implement regenerative medical therapies for circumcised males.” It’s primary goal? To “help heal the physical and psychological damage that is inherent to circumcision” by “promoting genital integrity through regenerative medicine.”

“The foreskin is not an optional extra for a man’s body, or an accident,” the company claims. “It is an integral, functioning, important component of a man’s penis. An eye does not function properly without an eyelid–and nor does a penis without its foreskin.”

The debate over circumcision has become a hotly contended issue in recent years, with many guys complaining of a lack of sensitivity in the head of the penis and therefore being unable to enjoy sex as much as their uncut counterparts. Medical experts are increasingly divided over whether circumcision is even necessary and should be performed.

Foregen says it’s currently working on learning just how to regenerate human foreskin. No human clinical trials have been conducted yet, but foreskin fibroblasts (small samples of foreskin tissue) have been successfully used to generate new skin in a lab setting.

“Our goal is to advance onto human clinical trials as soon as it is safe to do so,” the company says. The time frame? “Very soon, we hope!”

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