Colombian Faggots Can Totally Share That Bag of Coke

Now, in actual news, Colombia’s Constitutional Court has ruled that gay and lesbian couples have the same property rights as straights. The ruling came after a gay rights group argued that the court’s use of man and woman when referring to property rights violated the constitution. The court agreed. BBC elaborates:

The decision applies to those who have been living together for two years.

A gay rights group, which had sought the clarification from the court, said at least 100,000 couples would benefit.

A court source said it did not mean same-sex civil unions – which are part of a bill currently being debated in Congress – had been approved.

Catholic and other religious groups blasted the decision, insisting it threatens the oft-referenced “family”, an argument we don’t really understand – how does two homos having joint custody over a television alter the cultural landscape?

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  • Michael S.

    Just so you know, I have a good friend from Columbia, and the constant Cocaine jokes everyone constantly makes in reference to Columbia is really, really grating on everyone else from the country (seeing as how it’s a few really rich people running the cartels, not the whole society.) After making a coke crack against Columbians, you might as well run the headline: “Black gays have anonymous bathhouse sex and then shoot each other.”

  • Andres Duque

    Thanks Michael S. for leaving the comment. Indeed, I know that Queerty is supposed to be gossipy and irreverent but as someone who was born in Colombia – and founded the NYC based Colombian Lesbian and Gay Association – I know just how far Colombia has come on LGBT rights in the last decade. The headline shocked me for its off-handishness and offensiveness. Thanks Queerty for continuing to look at your own navel – and insulting a pretty big part of the gay community in New York who happen to be Colombian.

  • Nelson

    I agree Andres. Not to mention insulting a big part of the gay community in New Jersey, as well. Remember the majority of coke ends up the noses of Americans.

  • Randy

    Funny the previous article about defaming blacks, then you go on to defame Columbians. Nice work A-holes!

  • noright

    The coke that was up your nose when you wrote the article, bitch.

  • Cynthia

    We also take offense at people who spell ColOmbia with a U (it’s not Columbians, it’s Colombians.) And yes, thank you Michael S. for pointing that out!

  • masters op

    I don’t know who wrote this article, but do you have a problem with gays sharing a bag of coke? Or, are you jealous you didn’t get any? Btw, here’s a little info on the medical attributes of coke:
    Although I don’t consume coke, as you can see it is not so bad after all.

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