Comedian Jim Jefferies Wants Marriage Equality In Australia, ‘Gayest Place On Earth’

Jim Jefferies
Jim Jefferies. Via TMZ.

Australian stand-up comedian and actor Jim Jefferies told TMZ he wishes his home country would follow in America’s footsteps on gay marriage.

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“Not for my benefit, but just for Australia not looking so backwards on the subject,” Jefferies said. “When America, and Ireland, and New Zealand achieve this goal and Australia still hasn’t done it, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

He goes on to call Australia “the gayest place on earth,” adding, “You go to Sydney and it’s like super gay. Biggest gay Mardi Gras in the world and they don’t have gay marriage.”

After saying he thinks “it should all be equal,” he floats a whole new concept.

“I’d actually prefer it if they banned heterosexual marriage,” he said.

Jefferies’ new stand-up special, “Freedumb” is currently available on Netflix. On it he discusses his reluctance to marry his girlfriend, the mother of his son.

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He added that he believes the country will eventually pass same-sex marriage with a referendum “probably in the next couple of years.”

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