Concerned Women Worried Over Hallmark’s Gay Nup Greetings

The right wing’s still riled about Hallmark’s gay marriage greeting cards.

The American Family Association last week launched a boycott against the company and now the gals over at Concerned Women For America are shaking their self-righteous fists.

Said President Wendy Wright:

Hallmark is jeopardizing its brand as a family-friendly company.

Customers used to be able to trust Hallmark to produce quality products that were safe for all ages.

Now parents will need to steer their kids from Hallmark’s section of the greeting card aisle and away from its previously heart-warming movies for fear that they too will push homosexual messages.

CWA research guru Janice Crouse echoed Wrights comments, of course, but took a more direct approach, saying that the company should cater to the “public,” not “special interest groups.”

American businesses have a corporate responsibility to the public that buys their products. Instead of bolstering campaigns by special interest groups like the homosexual activists, corporations like Hallmark should be protecting American culture from those forces that would destroy the family and create a public environment that is detrimental to general well-being, especially children’s well-being.

It’s soooo true! A little known fact about the gays: we’re all programed to turn evil on December 14, 2008, at which point we’ll grow wings, begin breathing fire and consume the entire planet’s population, starting with the children. Shhhh! Don’t tell, gays, even if you’re asked!