Congressman Carlos Bruce, Peru’s Civil Unions Champion, Comes Out

peruvian carlos bruceCongratulations and welcome out to Peruvian Congressman Carlos Bruce, the first member of Peru’s Congress to ever serve as an openly gay man. In fact, he’s the first openly gay elected official serving at any national level in Peru.

It’s not a huge surprise: Bruce has a long history of fighting for equality on behalf of the country’s LGBT population.

Previously, he just said that it didn’t bother him to be called gay, and compared it to being called left-handed. “That’s an intimate part of someone’s life,” he told a reporter in Spanish in 2013. “What I would never do is say that I am something I am not.”

That’s as big a confirmation as you could possibly ask for.

He says that he didn’t want to come out for a long time because it “seems tacky” to talk about his sex life. This is a sort of infuriating stance, since coming out is as much a political act as a sexual act. Living as an honest queer doesn’t require discussion of the bedroom any more than living as an honest heterosexual.

But we’ll give him a pass on that attitude for now, since we’re just happy that he’s finally lifted this burden from his shoulders.