Wrong note

Cowardly homophobe arrested after cowardly homophobic crime spree

A Boon, Iowa man was arrested this week after allegedly roaming around town leaving handwritten notes on the doors of homes displaying rainbow pride flags.

The notes all carried the same message: “Burt that gay flag.” Zero points for creativity.

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Robert Clark Geddes, 25, was charged with four counts of trespassing to commit a hate crime and four counts of third-degree harassment.

Perry News reports the notes were all written in the same handwriting and matched “paper tear marks and marker bleed through on each page,” according to court records.

The records also convey that Geddes “had no legitimate purpose to be on the property other than commit a public offense,” and that the victims were “annoyed and alarmed.”

“Our youngest found this on the front door today and was scared someone would come to burn our house down,” one victim shared via Facebook, along with an image of the note.

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Another victim, Boone City Council member Elijah Stines, posted: “Let me be very clear. I will never back down from standing up for the lives of my LGBTQ friends, family, constituents and all members of our community. My house was one of five locations in my ward alone that I know of that received a similar cowardly note this weekend. To everyone in the Boone LGBTQ community: There are so many more people here who will stand with you and ensure your safety than would threaten it. Call on us any time!”

Geddes faces a preliminary hearing July 2.