Is he or isn't he?

Craig David opens up about rumors surrounding his sexuality

R&B singer Craig David is opening up about rumors that he’s gay.

His sexuality has been consistently speculated upon over the years, particularly since he’s apparently been single throughout the many years of his career.

Talking to The Sun, he says he doesn’t think he should have to clarify anything, and thinks it’s obnoxious that we’re all so obsessed with whether or not he’s gay.

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The 36-year-old explains:

“I leave it very open because at the end of the day it’s one of those things where I shouldn’t have to reinforce and state, ‘No, I’m a heterosexual’ — because that’s all nonsense.

I think it’s very evident in the way my songs are and how I speak about relationships so I wouldn’t even go into it. It’s like if that’s what you feel it’s what you feel.”

David says he plans to have a family in the near future:

“I’d love to have kids. I think I’d be a very good dad and I think I’d have a lot of wisdom to share.”

Previously, he’s lashed out at celebs who get ruffled by gay rumors: “I sort of find it weird when people get very ‘No! I’m not gay!’ I mean, are you homophobic in some way?”

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  • DCguy

    Trying to claim that his songs should answer questions about his sexuality is a very lame dodge. George Michael consistently used the word “She” in his songs before he was out.

    • Jaxton

      That’s because George Michael’s success depended partly on a heterosexual male image. He knew the formula, did George.

    • jjose712

      And that’s exactly Craig David case too (at least when it was at his peak ages ago)


    Nice veins. But perfect example of the 35+ dilemma of abs vs face

    • Johnathan

      Judge mental people like you is what’s wrong with our society. Someone has a great body and you have to blow their candle out by saying their face is too thin. Unbelievable & unacceptable comment.

    • Johnathan

      And I might add Ageism is just as bad as racism.

    • Brian

      He was so cute when he first came onto the scene. Doesn’t even look like the same guy anymore.

    • jorgecruz

      Courtney Cox agrees with you. She used to say that at some point in every woman’s life she has to make a choice between her ass and her face. If she wants a small ass, her face looks drawn and if she wants a full face, she will have to live with a fat ass.


    A month old story. This site is lost

  • BriBri

    @DCGuy. Everyone comes out at their own pace according to their comfort zone. Not everyone was born in a sling like you.

    • JerseyMike

      Oh sh!t!!!! LMAO!!!!!

    • JerseyMike

      Oh shit! LMAO!

    • amanofcolours

      What JerseyMike just said!!!!!

  • tdh1980

    I’m all for outing people like closeted anti-LGBTQ legislators and homophobic public figures, but unless Craig David has done something intentionally to harm the community, I don’t see the value of harping on his “questionable” sexuality. If he’s merely out there making music and living his life, then leave him be.

  • Kangol

    It’s cool that he’s not doing the usual gay-panic “I’m straight.” Whatever his sexual orientation, more power to him for not being homophobic. Now, please report on some out black and brown celebs, please. There are quite a few, Queerty.

  • surreal33

    In 2017, the gay men far more important issues to be concerned with…
    Who gives a F**k if he gay, straight, questioning?

  • Bopper1

    …who cares?…thanks!

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