Crazy Texan Old Lady Attacks Son’s Friend With Cane, Calls Him Gay Slur

At the tender age of 71, Wanda Derby still has the energy to attack her son’s friend with her cane, call him a homophobic slur, and tell him he “has AIDS and is going to kill her son.”

The Star-Telegram reports that Derby, of Richland Hills, Texas, has been charged with a hate crime in the matter.

The attack went down Wednesday, after she got wind of the fact that her son was moving out and into the friend’s apartment. It’s unclear if her son is gay and was moving in with this dude, or if he was just tired of her crazy and wanted to get the heck away from her.

Derby has a pretty hilarious Facebook page littered with cantankerous overshares about her neighbors, sons, and politics. Here’s what she posted on the day of the attack:

Derby was free Thursday afternoon on $11,500 bail, at which point she posted a “Don’t Mess With Texas” image to her Facebook wall.

Photos via Richland Hills PD, Facebook

UPDATE: Here’s a TV report of what happened, which has comment on what happened from the next-door neighbor Lloyd Guerrero, who is gay, but none from Derby or her son.