CWA Woman Compares Ellen To Polygamist Sect

Wendy Wright of Concerned Women For America appeared on CNN last night to decry Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s forthcoming gay marriage. And, like so many before her, Wright relied on the polygamist argument, but took it one step further by invoking the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saint sect down in Texas:

We need to look at the consequences of that and we can look at the polygamy community in Texas. There are consequences.

When you redefine marriage to mean anything it can mean nothing. Once you start breaking down and claim that marriage can be something other than between one man and one woman, you do open the doors to it being anything.

PR king Howard Bragman, who will soon marry his long-time lover, had loads to say on the matter, of course. Unfortunately Wright doesn’t have the brain power to keep her argument afloat.