The ongoing drama surrounding Lawrence King’s February murder took another twist yesterday.

California Judge postponed the arraignment of 14-year old Brandon McInerney, who’s accused of shooting fifteen year old King, who had a crush on the boy. The arraignment was meant to take place yesterday, but will now occur on June 12.

In the meantime, journalist Karen Ocamb had a chat with District Attorney Maeve Fox, who discussed the limited possibility of a plea bargain, why McInerney represents a very adult threat and, yes, took on the defense team’s claim that the school is to blame for King’s murder

In an extensive phone interview with The Advocate after the hearing, Fox said she hasn’t “seen anything that would make me raise an eyebrow about how the school handled” the situation.

ox said it is “way too early” to discuss whether she might offer a plea bargain, giving McInerney the opportunity to accept a deal that may be less than maximum time in prison.

“We don’t generally plea bargain in this county,” said Fox, who specializes in homicides. “Ninety percent of the cases go to trial. But we are open to listening to anything that will convince us of what the right thing to do is – so that is certainly a possibility in the future. It’s way to early to speculate.”

You know what that means: many more months of finger-pointing, angry editorials and general hysteria over what’s undoubtedly going to be a spectacular judicial show.

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