“Daily Mail” Attacks Judge For Being — Gasp! — “Openly Gay”


Oh, lord — what year is this again? A self-described newspaper in England has set everyone’s eyes rolling by attempting to stir up controversy by accusing a judge of being “openly gay.” Yes, and?

The real reason for the Daily Mail’s pearl-clutching is that they’re trying to stir up more racist and homophobic Brexit propaganda. There was recently a little legal tussle over exactly how England could leave the EU, and three judges ruled that England couldn’t just pick up and leave.

That didn’t sit well with publications like the Daily Mail, and they launched an attack on the three judges. One of them is an expert in European law, another oversaw expensive cases, and the third, they reveal, is “an openly gay ex-Olympic fencer.”

That actually sounds pretty great.

The Daily Mail has a long history of homophobia — you might remember during the Olympics when they made fun of divers for hugging.

After being roundly criticized on Twitter, the newspaper dropped almost all mention of the gay judge, sweeping their stupid headline under the rug in the hopes of saving what little face they have left. But the humiliation of the people involved will never fully wash away.

J.K. Rowling perhaps summed it up best: