Dan Choi Ends His Shortest Boycott Yet

Ever since Keith Olbermann’s suspension last week over failure to get permission to donate to Democratic candidates, Dan Choi has been boycotting the network. But with Keith back on the air tomorrow night, Dan can finally return to making the rounds!

“I’m declining interviews on MSNBC and affiliates until @KeithOlbermann is reinstated,” Choi tweeted over the weekend. Which I guess is a big deal? For him? Because he came out publicly on that network (albeit on Rachel Maddow’s show)? And it’s not like Fox News is going to offer Choi a welcome shoulder?

Whatever. MSNBC, don’t make us take our gay away. Otherwise the terrorists win.

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  • David

    Would beat Dan Choi with my penis.. no word of a lie

  • Benjamin

    The most dangerous place to stand is between Dan Choi and a TV camera.

  • Teluride

    Dan Choi went on my D-list when he said he wasn’t going to vote O’Bama. Now we lost the House. What’s next, the presidency to the republicans for more severe economic torture war and discrimination? One might weigh the balance before uttering from a hysterical moment.

    Though I commend him on his hootspah, his extremism has proven more grandstanding than not.

  • damon459

    Dan Choi is an attention seeking whore who only cares about himself.

  • Derek Washington

    Step up Ladies and Gents while a former hero of mine jumps a shark!

  • Mike

    Try having a conversation with him, a camera comes around and he has no time for you…

  • Brian Miller

    It’s so funny how we’ll eat our own.

    Here’s a man who is one of us, gave up his career to make a point about activism, and we’re shredding him.

    And in the other corner is a spineless Democrat president who has ceaselessly lied to us, failed to deliver, tells us we’re not entitled to equal treatment in marriage, adoption, immigration, military service or a whole host of other issues. He spends millions of dollars to appeal decisions striking down anti-gay laws as unconstitutional and brings back an anti-gay discriminatory law from the dead through such activity — yet so many of us will defend him to the death.

    And we wonder why we never achieve anything substantive.

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