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Daniel Newman shares his personal cellphone number, promises he’ll respond to all of your sexts

Our friend Daniel Newman is looking for creative ways to pass the time in quarantine, so he’s inviting his million+ social media followers to send him thirsty texts, which he promises to respond to.

Yesterday, Newman posted a video of himself in grey sweatpants and showing off his, um, six pack along with the caption: “Everyone text me 1-404-737-1636 . or click link in my Bio to auto save my number in your phone 🤤 tell kyle to also!”

Newman, who came out last month as a top who’s “too lazy to bottom”, also shared some of the messages he’s been receiving.

“You guys are the sweetest,” he said. “I’m answering all of your messages right now. I’m so honored. I love you.”

The 38-year-old Walking Dead star also changed his Twitter page to include his number and encouraged his 930,000 followers there to send him messages as well.

But this isn’t the first time Newman has invited followers to reach out to him personally.

In March, he enticed people to slide into his DMs with a headless torso pic along with the caption: “Lol you guys can message me on”

We can only imagine the extensive library of photos this guy now has on his phone.

Just remember, folks, standard text messaging rates apply.

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