no homo!

David Archuleta Accidentally Goes to Gay Club, Tweets His Way Out of Rumors

Charice, the 17-year-old Filipino singer, on Saturday performed her single “I Will Survive” at Club 57, the gay club in New York. Her pal David Archuleta, the American Idol sprite, attended. No homo!

Running to Twitter, Archuleta Clay Aikened his way through clearing up the rumor mill: “Last night in New York I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform. Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn.”

Charice even, ahem, apologized for causing such drama.

Of course, one visit to a gay club in New York does not make you a homo. Liking other guys, however, does.