DC Mayor Kills Drag Queen!

Now that we’ve got your attention, we’d like to inform you that Washington DC Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has named his new Interim Director for LGBT Affairs: Christopher Dyers. The announcement cites Dyers’ long history working with non-profits such as the American Lung Association and the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, as well as his founding of the Youth Pride Alliance. It does not, however, mention Dyers’ work alter ego: Cookie Buffet: a popular drag queen in the DC area.

While not a glaring omission in the least, it’s suspicious that Cookie Buffet has gone on an “extended vacation”. Her website reads:

Due to an increase of responsibilities in my new job and after much soul searching, It is time to announce that Cookie Buffet will be going on an extended vacation. I can’t stress enough the joy I have had in being a performer and raising the amount of money I have. I was always pleasantly surprised at the love I received from clubgoers and the GLBT community. I am extremely proud of the “work” I did as Cookie. I realize this “retirement” might come as a shock and suprise to some.

From what we hear, Buffet’s show invoked so-called “trailer trash drag” – a revue we suppose Fenty and Dyers feel has no place in DC politics.

Don’t worry, though, Fenty and Dyers may be political masterminds, but they can’t stop people like us from digging up an old version of Buffet’s website, on which you can read all about her exploits prior to being brought into the official political fold.