Debra Messing Wanted A Few More Years Of “Will & Grace”


Will & Grace ended its award-winning run nearly nine years ago, but for some the memory still lingers on. Well, the memories and about 300 re-runs a day. But for Grace Adler (née Debra Messing), Will & Grace was too little of a good thing.

“I guess I would change the fact that we stopped after eight years,” Messing told HuffPo Live. “It was such a happy time, and we were all really exhausted by that point and it was the right thing to do at that time, but now obviously time has passed, and I watch the show with my son who laughs at it and I think it would’ve been really great to do it a few more years.”

So, Gracie, you’re telling me you wanted a few more years of this?


Or this?jackAnd this?


And. This.


Even this?

slap happy

I don’t know how I feel about that. Oh, right.


Les Fabian Brathwaite — Anastacia like Russian royalty, Beaverhausen like…where the beavers live. 

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  • Troy von Tussle

    Glad the boring shit is over… make room for something funny and intelligent instead. Made me heave. ?????????

  • Jonathan26


  • Uncv1

    Do I here a promo for a movie?

  • Uncv1

    hear, oops.

  • Captain Obvious

    A show about a gay man starring his straight female best friend… NEXT!

  • IvanPH

    This was the funniest TV show on TV.

  • onthemark

    A FEW more years??? I could see maybe one more year and that would have pushing it!

  • jsmu

    Of course the talent-FREE Messing wanted more of it–she’ll never get lucky enough to land another part worth that much, ever. Considering that the second bananas were the only good thing ON the show, and that the boring, stupid ‘leads’ had an emotional gamut of A TO B, it should have been axed years earlier!

  • Michael Scott

    I wanted a karen and jack spin off during season one!

  • Glücklich

    Eh…it was funny and certainly different at the outset from what I recall but it became shrill, gimmicky, and pandering after a couple of seasons. Kind of like Kathy Griffin.

  • Len John

    Mildy amusing in it’s time. Now what do we have? “Modern Family” the creepiest show ever…

  • csports286

    You can act snobby if you want, but this show really was like The Cosby Show for the gay community. I’d much rather watch Will and Jack than the boring suburb-y types of gays you see on tv today. The whole cast was so fun. It was like a wonderful gay escape for a Texan like me, back in the day.

  • Jere

    Like a lot of shows, W&G started out great, but seemed to run out of ideas midway through. Toward the end, it seemed like every episode was about whichever fabulous guest star was appearing that week. I think Messing is probably thinking about the great times she had working on the show and not actually the creative direction the show was taking. I mean, let’s assume it had run another couple of seasons…what would those seasons have been about? That said, now that rebooting 90’s shows seems to be a bit of a trend, I’d love for the cast and creatives of this one to reunite for some kind of limited season IF they have a good story to tell and IF they can figure out how to do so in the context of the flash forward series finale. Seems like it would be perfect for 8-10 episodes on Netflix.

  • John Kuehnle

    Michael, I’ve thought that all along, talented cast but those 2 made the show. Remember the sexual harassment training video they made, so funny

  • David Berry

    We are way beyond Will & Grace. I thought it was patronizing and sophomoric. Glad it’s over.

  • Bruce Dillon

    Should have been titled Karen & Jack!

  • Jairo Mendez

    Estupendos Todos Excelentes Interpretes

  • Jeremiah Reyna

    Ew why? It stunk at the end.

  • QJ201

    I have kept W&G on in the background (thanks Logo, sorta) while working at home, and I’m shocked how often the word f*g is used. I don’t recall being shocked back then, but I guess times have changed~!

  • Roberson Randy

    This is high up there with my top favorites. The writers and actors were incredible!!

  • scotshot

    They all should have perished in a freak glory hole accident. Except Karen.

  • aliengod

    We all wanted a few more years of Will and Grace! I was so sad when it ended. Karen and Jack were hilarious.

  • Rick Holtz

    Why? Because she hasn’t had a hit show since. Never liked it, her or the premise. Cliched, moronic & stereotypical. Glad it’s just a memory to all the dimwits who watched it.

  • Wil Hall

    I wasn’t a fan. Watched a few episodes – had no idea it was on for that long. But I think it helped humanize gay people to those who, at the time, didn’t know any gay people. It played its part.

  • ScottOnEarth

    I loved W&G! The last few seasons seemed pointless but the first four seasons or so we’re hilarious. Not everyone shares that opinion but I’m still loving the repeats and always will. A few more seasons would have been pushing it because the storylines became cartoonish but I still would’ve watched.

  • jwtraveler

    It was 8 years too long. Should have been called ‘Will the Eunuch’.

  • Cam

    I always love the Hollywood lie about how “Exhausted” they all were.

    Oh yes, because working for 5 months out of the year is just so exhausting. As for Will and Grace, even back then it was attacked for Will only being gay in theory not in reality. They dealt with that by getting him a hot boyfriend.

    That was why Modern Family was so disappointing. Will and Grace dealt with that complaint better a decade earlier, and MF tried to avoid that issue.

    Will and Grace was funny, but there was always something a little creepy about their relationship.

  • lykeitiz

    @Troy von Tussle: @Captain Obvious: @Rick Holtz: You all sound like intelligent people……….Fun at parties, with superior intellect and always on the cutting edge of relevance.

  • Jaron Lintner

    This show is the only show I have ever followed religiously. I miss it a lot honey.

  • Lawrence Beauregard

    I’d love it too come back… I’d love to play a character in it. They need to touch on what it’s like to be an older gay guy

  • Captain Obvious

    @lykeitiz: Not everyone is going to like the same things you do, that’s life, kiddo.

  • Roland Hamburger

    should of ended with Jack and Will together and a spin off

  • Jairo Mendez

    Estupendos y Mordaz, Un verdadero Clasico.

  • John Clerkin-Whitcomb

    If rumors are to be believed, she may have wanted a couple more years, but the rest of the cast was happy not to work with her anymore.

  • Bruce Dillon

    Still waiting for Karen & Jack spin off!

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