Desmond Tutu Condemns Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill, Tells It Like It Is

On Tuesday, Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu urged Uganda to drop its dangerous and controversial anti-homosexuality bill, which would seek to imprison and, depending on the version of the bill, execute LGBT people.

“I am opposed to discrimination, that is unfair discrimination, and would that I could persuade legislators in Uganda to drop their draft legislation, because I think it is totally unjust,” Tutu told reporters at the All Africa Conference of Churches meeting in Kenya.

The anti-apartheid leader has become a staunch advocate for gay rights across Africa, urging churches to stand with, not preach against, minorities.

“My brothers and sisters, you stood with people who were oppressed because of their skin color,” he said. “If you are going to be true to the Lord you worship, you are also going to be there for the people who are being oppressed for something they can do nothing about: their sexual orientation.”


Tutu added that people do not choose to be gay, and would be crazy to do so as “you expose yourself to so much hatred, even to the extent of being killed.”

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  • 2eo

    I met Desmond Tutu when he came to my city, I can honestly say he’s the only man of faith I have ever met who I felt genuinely knows he is working for the common good.

  • Dumdum

    A truly great man, I really hope that he will make a difference.

  • Billysees

    What an incredible shame it is that Christianity has so many manifestations of hatred, cynicism and contempt towards those that are disliked.

    These manifestations occur because unknowing leaders in churches and other faith communities don’t experience that the spirit and the spirit alone is all that really matters.

    Bruce Barton of “The Man Nobody Knows” fame said that.

    And Paul, in one of his best comments, wrote, “The Kingdom of God is not in “word” (that means scripture verse), but “power” (that means the ever renewing and leading work of the Holy Spirit in us and other spirit led movements in the world)…….it’s not food and drink but “righteousness” (that means doing good works and deeds) and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”.

    As time moves on, scripture verse like that will mean more and more.

    Thanks to voices such as Mr. Tutu, that will happen sooner.

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