Desmond Tutu Condemns Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill, Tells It Like It Is

On Tuesday, Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu urged Uganda to drop its dangerous and controversial anti-homosexuality bill, which would seek to imprison and, depending on the version of the bill, execute LGBT people.

“I am opposed to discrimination, that is unfair discrimination, and would that I could persuade legislators in Uganda to drop their draft legislation, because I think it is totally unjust,” Tutu told reporters at the All Africa Conference of Churches meeting in Kenya.

The anti-apartheid leader has become a staunch advocate for gay rights across Africa, urging churches to stand with, not preach against, minorities.

“My brothers and sisters, you stood with people who were oppressed because of their skin color,” he said. “If you are going to be true to the Lord you worship, you are also going to be there for the people who are being oppressed for something they can do nothing about: their sexual orientation.”


Tutu added that people do not choose to be gay, and would be crazy to do so as “you expose yourself to so much hatred, even to the extent of being killed.”