Detox Discusses The DWV Breakup on 'Ring My Bell'

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Last week, the social media status feud between Detox and Willam Belli seemed a little pointed, which led to the confirmation that DWV have in fact broken up.

Today, for a new episode of World of Wonder’s YouTube series ‘Ring My Bell’, Detox answered fan questions about the breakup and got drilled by James St. James in a short Q&A intermission. She answers the first question about the breakup around the 2:15 mark by saying:

[quote]I’ll give you a couple of options and you can make an assessment about what you want to believe…. We’re doing this as a publicity stunt and we have a huge new album coming out with a lot of very entertaining special guests, so we have to like kind of cause a little bit of a debacle about that. Your second option would be that Willam’s a raging cunt and I wanna kill him. And our third option would be that Vicky just lost a foot to diabetes so we can’t really work with her anymore. But honestly I do too many drugs and I drink too much to really ever pay attention to what’s going on with my band.”[/quote]

We won’t spoil it all for you, so watch the video below and find out what Detox says!

Detox on Ring My Bell