DNC Chief’s Gay Promises Mean Little

Leah Daughtry sure knows how to put on a show.

The DNC Chief of Staff last week addressed the National Black Justice Coalition and promised to gives gays more say in the party’s politics. And you can be sure she used to opportunity to praise the party’s chairman, the woefully forgetful Howard Dean:

We made a commitment under Gov. Dean’s leadership that we wanted to do something different. We wanted to make sure, make a way so that people from various communities, and particularly the GLBT community, would have a seat at the table, would have a voice, would have a vote when we nominate our president of the United States.

Daughtry went on to say that she and her peers are going to fight tooth and nail for diversity. Unfortunately Daughtry keeps her gay inclusion on her terms.

Washington Blade reporter Joshua Lynsen reports on how the Chief bobbed, weaved and lied her way out of talking with him.

She originally avoided his questions by saying she wanted to prepare for her speech, but vowed, “I promise you I’ll say something.” Daughtry’s promises didn’t amount to much, however, because she dodged Lynsen after the event. Well, not really “dodged.”

Rather, she had Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council director Brian Bond do the dirty work: “Bond told the reporter that Daughtry would not answer questions because the DNC’s communications department had not received a formal interview request.”

What bullshit, right? Of course, we can’t say we’re surprised: Daughtry and her lawyers have previously been accused of trying to strong arm the Blade, a paper Dean derided during sworn testimony in the ongoing wrongful termination suit filed by Donald Hitchcock, the former GLLC director who claims the DNC fired him in retaliation for his boyfriend’s public criticism of the party.

Why, again, do we gays so blindly support the Democrats? Oh, right, we don’t have much of a choice. And Daughtry knows it, which is why she feels free to play the gays.