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Don’t You Want to Confront Your High School Bully on National Television?

One of our favorite trashy MTV reality shows, besides Jersey Shore, is Bully Beatdown, where mean kids from school are confronted by their victims and then sent into the ring to get their asses kicked by a professional fighter. Great television. The network TV Land has something, uh, sort of similar. It’s called High School Reunion, and this season it’s following Las Vegas’s Chaparral High School, Class of ’89. And that’s where we meet John (the bully), who tormented Eric (the gay). This looks like it’s gonna go well!

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  • Mike L

    Um he needs a haircut, he looks like a serial killer or something.

    And his bully (scumbag) well it happens a lot that these douches have picked on so many ppl they don’t even remember any specifically, unlike the person that was picked on who never 4gets.


    Well I fortunately have a very very foggy memory about just about everything I only remember being called the f word once and I remember the serious beatdown I delivered the next day at school until the teach pulled me away (love payback).

    I don’t know I never really was picked on a lot b/c I was gay even effeminate one semester, I guess it was all those ppl I ended up beating up in school halls and locker rooms (even 2 grades higher than me) that maybe let ppl know not to mess with me. Got into a fight with 4 guys once and I ended up victorious some ppl still remember, it was exciting b/c I had just finished another fight about 4 mins b4 that one with a guy that kicked me in the chest and he ran away when I didn’t back down.

    Middle/highschool those were the days.

  • Cam

    I love the way that the bully says “Threatening me won’t work”. LOL! I LOVE it when douchebags get nervous and try to play victim. LOL!

  • nikko

    What a vile trailer trash of a human being-he has no shame or remorse. Wjhat he needs is a good beating, once and for all. As for the gay guy, he was way too nice. I was hoping he’d be more aggressive and insulting. No holds barred for revenge evil bullies!

  • romeo

    If they’re bigger than you, use a tire iron.

  • terrwill

    100% agree with Queerts Bully Beatdown is great guilty
    pleasure. I watch the asshats getting the stuffing smacked
    out of them and visualize my fav frightwing lunatic in
    their place……. : P

    >> And you want to hear about happy endings in regards
    to HS bullies, In HS one of my friends, Kyle was the most flaymboyant, queeny little pocket Gays you could ever imagine. He looked similar to Christian Soriano, except in comparison Christian is like 10 times more masculine! Everytime he opened his mouth a rainbow poured out………

    He was also a 4th degree black belt in karate….

  • Scott

    Remember Jenny Jones’ secret crushes revealed and the homophobe who killed his admirer after the show? I see another problem coming.

  • sal(the original)

    lol mtv makes everything funny looking,hot mess

  • djsabor

    Ah, as it so often does, the gay person goes on to have a life that _starts_ after high school, and the fat, balding, dumpy bully spends his life trying to relive those glory years from 14-18…or 20…or however long he probably took trying to get out of school. God, what a loser.

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