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Dua Lipa, VINCINT, Sky Ferreira & more: Here’s your essential bop roundup for this week

It’s the last weekend music drop before Pride month kicks off, and the girls, gays, and theys of pop are getting their entries in just under the wire. We don’t know what was in the water this week, but some of the girls seem to be very… excited, in a word! Honestly, after Jonathan Bailey’s modesty thong story, Chris Hemsworth’s clothes flying off, and that oddly interesting Time Traveler’s Wife scene this week, we’ll have what they’re having.

Here’s this week’s certified bop roundup!

Don’t Forget by Sky Ferreira

Please, everyone, join your hands in prayer as we ask Sky Ferreira not to give us false hope once again. Her sleeper hit single “Everything is Embarrassing” in 2012 and debut album My Night, My Time in 2013 took the young Lana/Marina/FKA Twigs gays by storm before she essentially vanished. Her second album Masochism has been teased for the past eight (yes, eight!) years, but “Don’t Forget” is such a triumphantly synthy earworm that it’s hard not to get excited. Also, her recent tension with Halsey on social media — nothing too serious, just enough to cause conversation — might just indicate that she’s ready to be back in the public eye.

Believer by VINCINT

VINCINT feels like a queer indie pop staple at this point, so the fact that “Believer” has flown so deeply under the radar so far is puzzling. He might be too busy out on The Getaway Tour to promote it, but I guess we can pick up the slack. With pulsing bass and lyrics like “make me kneel down and pray” and “drown me in your sin,” VINCINT is giving us another entry in the classic sex-as-communion horny pop catalogue that is always appreciated.

In The Sunrise by Omar Rudberg

Every bit of gratitude to queer TV hit Young Royals for exposing us to Omar Rudberg. Omar was originally pursuing music before his foray into acting, and with this album it’s clear to see why. OMR displays the range of the Venezuelan-Swedish artist, displaying Latin influences and bilingual tracks all mixed with that Swedish Max/Shellback pop engineering the industry has come to love. “In The Sunrise” definitely trends more towards the latter, but the range across this debut album is worth exploring.

Dry Spell by JORDY

Again, horny pop is just always going to hit. There’s plenty out there, with artists like Carly Rae Jepsen having mastery of the joyfully-veiled libido, but something about JORDY putting together a yearning, lovestruck, and still somehow horny track without going into Sam Smith “Stay With Me” territory feels fresh. It’s a very specific experience to be thirsty, but for love. Though it’s not an exclusively gay experience, most queer people certainly remember the feeling.

Potion by Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa

“Potion” is definitely the blockbuster music release of the weekend. We saw her glow-up in Future Nostalgia, but this song is another great reminder that Dua has come a long way since her last Calvin Harris collab, the iconically choreographed “One Kiss”. This single off the upcoming Funk Wav Bounces Vol.2 is STRONGLY reminiscent of “Feels” with Katy Perry and Pharrell off Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1, but when you’re trying to make a song of the summer, “Feels” is absolutely not a bad blueprint to work off.

It’s still a little early to call what the official bona fide Song Of The Summer™ is, but with these tracks to add to the roster, the race is getting tight.

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