“Eat Da Poo Poo” Pastor Martin Ssempa Guilty Of Spreading “Gay Propoganda” In Uganda

ssempaUgandan Pastor Martin Ssempa, a man you probably know as the “Eat Da Poo Poo pastor,” has been accused of promoting homosexuality in his home country of Uganda, an offense that is punishable with prison time after the recent passing of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Pastor Ssempa is most widely known on social feeds for his popular and highly-sharable “Eat Da Poo Poo” lecture, an infamous discussion he once led that was part of CurrentTV’s Vanguard: Missionaries of Hate, a documentary on homophobia in Africa.

During the discussion, which has clocked almost eight million views on YouTube, Ssempa claims homosexuals “eat da poo poo” from each other’s anus during intercourse, “lick” feces as if it were ice cream, and glorifies fisting as a routine and common practice. His extremely inaccurate lectures aimed to spread antigay propaganda and often provided explicit pornographic visual accompaniments.

In what could possibly be the greatest loophole in Uganda’s antigay legislation, Ssempa’s persistent obsession with discussing what he believes to be common gay sex practices could land him in as much trouble as a Ugandan LGBT activist. His explicit demonstrations, by definition, are promoting homosexuality.

Paul Kaliisa, a Ugandan, explains in a recent post on First Class:

Pastor Ssempa has, if anything, promoted homosexuality where he is allegedly trying to fight is. The pastor has made it a habit to bring the topic up wherever he goes. He is very crude in his delivery that he explains their practices bit by bit in explicit detail.

A while back, he stormed into the NBS TV offices for their Morning Breeze Show, laden with cucumber, ladles, carrots and other instruments similar to the male genitalia. His intention was to intimidate a lesbian who was being hosted on that same show. She stormed out in protest and the ever so cheerful Ssempa went on explaining how lesbians use the carrots and cucumber to satisfy themselves.

He has on a number of occasions showed gay porn to members of the congregation on a PROJECTOR. He explains to the Church what the homosexuals do step by step baring all and hiding nothing. Pastor Ssempa has homosexual porn on his laptop and all his gadgets. He almost seems obsessed with it.

On another occasion, he had to order for all the children to be thrown out of a room where he was about to showcase homos in action. He moves everywhere with clips of gay men. He is so disgusting that at one point he said homosexuals lick each other’s assholes “like ice cream”.

Perhaps if he is tried and found guilty of spreading gay propaganda in Uganda, Ssempa can spend some time in prison and discover how gay sex really works.

And just because you needed a reeeeemix:

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  • barkomatic

    I have a feeling he’ll get off lightly–if he’s punished at all. The spirit of Uganda’s “anti-homosexuality act” is pure hate–and he more than provides his share.

  • moonman157

    Wow someone is pretty obsessed with gay sex for being so repulsed by it. It’s like it’s all he thinks (fantasizes) about.

  • Thomathy

    Is it necessary to add a prison rape joke to an ‘article’ about an hateful bigot being accused of violating an hateful law? The schadenfreude and irony are enough for me without imagining that something as awful as rape would befall even a man as hateful a Ssempa should he be convicted.

  • Mezaien

    Uganda, people who are coming to South Africa, will be killed.

  • DonovanS28

    So obsessed with not letting homosexuals in his Africa you should be trying tog e those pedophiles out! I wonder what he would think of heterosexuality if he saw the video of the man putting his head in the ladies vagina?

  • yousir75

    I’m not trying to excuse this evil bastard the least bit, but when he says “homosexuals lick each other’s assholes ‘like ice cream,’” can’t we acknowledge that he’s talking about rimming, which does occur, especially in gay porn, where I’m guessing he gets his gay sex footage from.

  • DarkZephyr

    @yousir75: I don’t know how YOU do things but I have NEVER “licked feces” like it was ice cream or at all, for that matter. And most men who do engage in rimming (which is NOBODY’s business I would like to point out) make sure that everything is washed and CLEAN first. And a lot of things occur in gay AND straight porn that don’t happen in common sex practices, porn is NOT “how to have sex” instructional material, so lets not pretend that you are an actual gay guy trying to make a valid point. You are a homophobe faking it to take a stab at gay men. Shame on you.

  • HirsuteOne

    His colorful use of hand gestures to demonstrate rimming and fisting would qualify this guy to sign porn movies for the deaf.

  • offbeatoh86

    “A while back, he stormed into the NBS TV offices for their Morning Breeze Show, laden with cucumber, ladles, carrots and other instruments similar to the male genitalia.” How is a ladle similar to male genitalia?!

  • sejjo

    Hilarious! “The accidental ally”.

  • Mark

    @offbeatoh86: ” How is a ladle similar to male genitalia”

    Now you see in primitive countries like Uganda, circumcision isn’t always performed under the most ideal of circumstances….

    Anyway, if this jackass gets convicted, the irony would be almost as delicious as eating da poo poo.

  • Kangol


    Turn the ladle upside down, so the round part is at the top, and it definitely looks like (BIG) male genitalia….

    Talk about ironies or the pot calling the kettle…anyways, this Pastor Ssempa appears to be extremely obsessed with gay sex. EXTREMELY. Which means he probably has been doing lots of research and one-handing and slobbering over it and really would love to see it happen live, so that he could condemn it in person, after getting off a few (gazillion) times.

    He and Peter LaBarbera, the right-wing hom0phobe who is so obsessed with gay sex that he took a camera into Chicago’s gay bathhouses–for research, mind you!–should hook up. I’m sure they’d have a lot of things to keep them occupied and locked behind closed doors for a long while.

  • blondeboyz

    He and Ricky Santorum should get together and “compare” notes. After they flip flop they can check to see if they got poo poo on their pee pee! LOL

  • Cobalt Blue

    All that comes from Africa is lovely.

  • yousir75

    @DarkZephyr: Dude, you have major reading comprehension problems.

    1. I never stated that rimming is licking feces.

    2. I never stated that people who engage in rimming don’t clean the area first.

    3. I never stated that rimming was common gay male sex practice. Instead, I stated that it occurs in gay porn.

    The fact that you hysterically jump to the accusation that I’m a homophobe pretending to be gay says a lot about both your paranoia & your inability to engage in a rational discussion.

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