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Egypt, Pakistan Aren’t Thrilled to Welcome Gay Watchdogs to the United Nations

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, the independent NGO, wants to team up with the United Nations as a consultant. That seems reasonable, because IGLHRC has its ear to the ground on good and bad things happening to queers around the world, which was, last we checked, the very place the United Nations is trying to keep safe. So how come the U.N. committee responsible for accrediting NGOs doesn’t want the gays involved?

Because countries like Egypt, Sudan, Qatar, and Pakistan — which sit on the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, alongside the U.S. and Britain — aren’t about to volunteer to be criticized on the global stage for their atrocious gay rights records.

The group, which had applied for “consultative status” at the U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) three years ago, is an international NGO and advocacy group focusing on protecting the rights of homosexuals and lesbians worldwide.

Diplomats from Western nations that support gay rights complained that Egypt and other developing states that have been criticized by rights groups for discriminating against gays and lesbians prevented the committee from voting on whether to accredit the group, thereby leaving it in limbo.

“IGLHRC is disappointed by the vote of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations to block action on our application,” Cary Alan Johnson, head of the New York-based group, said in a statement to Reuters.

And you thought discrimination of gay rights groups was merely a national, and not an international pastime! It’s like BP inviting members of the Environmental Protection Agency to a sleepover at headquarters; ain’t gonna happen.

(Disclosure: This website has previously sponsored IGLHRC events.)

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