Elaborate Drag Fashion In The Castro Today Inspired By Fabulous Funeral Instructions

SarriaQueenMother_1José Julio Sarria lived most of his life in pure opulence, so it comes as no surprise that he didn’t plan on letting death get in the way of his last—and most fabulous—ceremony.

It was announced last month that Sarria, founder of the International Court System and the first openly gay candidate to run for public office in North America, died at the age of 91. He left behind a legacy of LGBT activism, thousands of admirers, and apparently, specific instructions on how to make his funeral a spectacle worthy of that legacy.

In preparation for services at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral today, the Imperial Court reminded attendees of the dress code requested by Sarria himself:

All International Court System Monarchs, Titleholders and Line Members planning to attend our beloved Jose’s Imperial State Funeral are honorably and respectfully requested to wear crowns and mourning attire of the titles bestowed.

  • Male Titleholders and Line members are respectfully requested to wear dark suits, crowns and white gloves
  • Female Titleholders and Line members are respectfully requested to wear black/dark full length (understated)Mourning attire, Crowns, Shoulder Length Veils Covering both Crowns and one’s face and
  • Black gloves (opera length if wearing short sleeves).

Following Sarria’s burial alongside Emperor Joshua Norton—the man who inspired him to create the International Court System in 1965—there will be a reception in the Castro at Lookout Bar.