Equal-Marriage Foes Send Paris Mayor Pennies To Cover Protest Damage

bertrand delanoeFoes of “marriage for all” are giving Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe their two-cents’ worth—literally.

Some of the tens of thousands of demonstrators who marched against equality near the Eiffel Tower on January 13 are sending Delanoe checks for less than a dollar to pay for damages they inflicted on the Champ-de-Mars while spreading their ignorance.

It’s estimated repairs will cost about $132,000, but the petty donations are causing more problems than they’re solving: Delanoe says it could cost more in postage to issue receipts than the amount of money he’s received.

Delanoe, who is gay, said protesters had damaged more than 4,000 square yards of grass and sent the bill to the demonstration organizers.

“Those are the rules,” Delanoe said, adding that it was “normal and legitimate” to ask for the “collective” that organized the protest to pay up. He said he had presented bills to French rock star Johnny Hallyday in 2009 and to the group SOS Racism in 2011 after fans and supporters caused similar damage in the city.

In response, organizers urged supporters to send checks for between 10 cents and 1 euro, or about $1.30, to City Hall. When 9,000 people did, raising $1,175, Delanoe admitted the donations were literally more trouble than they were worth.

We say make them plant the sod and fix the park themselves.