Equality Advocate Zach Wahls To Speak At Democratic Convention

It’s looking like marriage equality isn’t just a plank at the Democratic National Convention, it’s the whole darn platform!

Convention speakers Michelle Obama, Rep. Jared Polis and DNC Treasurer Andrew Tobias have already addressed the issue of same-sex marriage, and tonight Zach Wahls— who moved millions with his impassioned speech to the Iowa Legislature about his two moms—will be speaking to the crowd gathered at Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena. “Thrilled to announce I’ll be speaking at the #DNC12 tomorrow evening!” Wahls tweeted yesterday.

After the First Lady’s rousing address last night, Wahl’s will have his work cut out for him. But considering he brought us to tears with the last big speech he gave, we’re sure he’ll knock it out of the ballpark—er, arena.


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  • yaoming

    Zach rocks. He’s also super-tall.

  • jeff4justice

    Is he gonna talk about drone attacks, NDAA, Monsanto in the FDA, attacks on medical marijuana users?

  • yaoming

    We’ve got a choice between Romney and Obama. Who’s going to be better for gays? Obama’s not my favorite guy, but he’s definitely got my vote this time around.

  • balehead

    Obama’s for the gays…Mittens just wants to cut their hair…..

  • yaoming

    Has this happened? Did anyone see it? Guess I missed it.

  • jeff4justice

    @yaoming: No actually, even though Gay Inc – the LGBT mega groups and blogs posing as reporters – has ignored coverage of alternative party options even despite press releases being sent to them there are some of us who see past the 2[arty system charade.

    People like you would vote between Hitler and Stalin and still find an excuse to declare one as better than the other.

  • Mjl-428

    @jeff4justice: You know, instead of just pointlessly bashing both candidates, how about during the course of these next 4 years you, I don’t know, help spread the knowledge of independent candidates and help get their names circulated amongst the people so that way, in the 2016 election, maybe we’d see more people vote for them instead of the usual two party candidates?

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