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Erik’s 10-Year-Old Brother Aaron Tricked Into Believing Gays Are ‘Cool’

Straight Acting Erik, the Minnesota college student who decamped for Germany to get some poon (and study), appears to be back home with the family. And he’d like us to meet his 10-year-old brother Aaron, who has been brainwashed into thinking gay people are “cool” and should be able to get married. Ugh. Maybe we really do need to fire a whole bunch of teachers, because this sort of instruction cannot stand.

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  • John

    I’d like to post this video in a thread I mind, but I can’t. It’s jump cuts make it seem somewhat contrived.

    Crucial context has been cut out (before & after statements body language and facial expressions).

    I’d like to view the original video in its unedited form to determine if junior is truly speaking from his little heart.

    As it is, this video is a lost opportunity to accurately capture the candour of a ten-year-old.

  • Erik

    My little brother is a wonderful and smart young guy! I’m very proud of him and I love him very much.

    John: We were in a bit of a rush filming the video, we were both short on time and my cameras batteries kept dying. I didn’t edit anything out, rather I peiced the clips together. You’re right that the videos a bit jumpy and hopefully sometime in the future my brother and I can make a video together again when we have more time.

    Ever since my brother told me how he thinks gay people should be allowed to get married I’ve wanted to make a video with him and share his thoughts and ideas.


  • scott ny'er

    @Erik: Awww. Your brother is very cute. You guys look alike. I’m glad he had some good smarts about him.

  • Kevin

    I’m bi and have a 10 year old sister who I may not be out to yet but I do make sure I talk to her about lgbt people so she doesn’t catch the same homophobia a lot of people have in middle and high school.
    I leave out all of the sexual stuff of course and usually boil it down to ‘It’s how a married man and woman feel about each other but with two guys or two girls.’ Both her and my brother (12) still think it’s a little weird or even gross on my brother’s part, but that’s mostly due to the affection in general and not having to do with sexuality.

  • Jeffree

    @Erik: Glad to hear from you, and see that your brother has learned lots from you. I’d lost my bookmark to your YT page, so now I can get caught up on how you are.

    My younger sibs, nephews and neices are similar, and I’m happy that they too love & support the L/G members of our family.
    Be well,

  • hephaestion

    Aaron was not tricked. He has good common sense. The rest of the world was tricked into hating us.

  • adman

    When are we going to learn that homohating isn’t about sexuality at all, that it’s about getting yours by winning in a mob mentality driven popularity pool? Everyone knows the herd always wins, and the story of the straggler getting left behind like a queerling is the new “don’t be a loser” warning to kids, so why don’t we just wise up and admit it?

    This kid will be trading off of his affection toward his brother in a couple of years for turns on his buddy’s xBox, signing on as “faggot killer” or some such, and he’ll be proud of it. Or, a little secretly ashamed, or whatever, who knows? At this point as LGBT’s who cares? We do know he’ll probably be in the “in crowd” of barely conscious breeders and he’ll be heaving a sigh of relief for getting there intact with only a tiny bit of “the stigma” of his gay brother clinging to his rep, so why kid ourselves? Feel good healing-the-divide-with-the-straights is so 2005. Help the kid with his homework and get over yourself, Erik.

  • Daez

    @adman: You could not POSSIBLY be more wrong. Everyone knows that it is those that stick out in the crowd that actually win because they are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Being part of a mob mentality just means you are content to follow the mob. If you are content to always follow you will never lead. Its leaders and not followers that succeed in life.

    Also, the “crowd mentality” has shifted far away from believing gay bullying is acceptable. That is why there are gay bullies in the first place. Bullies are OUTCAST not part of the crowd.

    You really need to bother to study some psychology and sociology before you preach it.

  • ragou

    To the reviewer: what exactly is disconcerting about his brother’s admission of gay people as “cool”? Perhaps you are taking your interpretation of his statement and running too far with it. After all, he could have just as easily meant “Cool! Because my brother is gay and he’s a fine person to me.” No one has to be brainwashed to adopt this very valid line of reasoning.

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