Even More Homo-Politicos!


It seems you can’t take a shit these days without running into some newly outed politician.

The homo-politico du jour is Greg Barker, an enviornmentalist Tory from Britain. It seems the earth-friendly Tory had been carrying on an affair with an interior decorator for a year before his cock-loving ways were finally revealed earlier this year. The Telegraph:

In a statement issued through Conservative headquarters, Mr Barker, 40, said: “It was announced in July that my wife and I had separated, and we are entitled to a private life.”

Asked to confirm that he had left his wife for a man, Mr Barker was quoted as saying: “It’s a private matter.”

Well, not so much of a private matter now…

Oh, and for those of you who are worried about the future of Barker’s career with the conservative party, rest assured that they’ve got his back. And he’s got theirs…