Even Oprah Can’t Spark Trans Love

Thomas Beatie caused quite a stir when he penned his Advocate admission: he’s a trans man with child. Yesterday’s Oprah appearance, however, will only amplify the national spotlight. And, of course, bring out haters like Joe Scarborough and, by the looks of this message board, Oprah’s viewers.

Most of the commenters agree that Beatie belonged on more low-brow shows, like Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. One fan was so incensed that she pledged not even to watch the episode in question: “I have a DVR and I get to watch the Oprah show once I’m home. I was very unhappy to see the upcoming show of the pregnant guy. I will be erasing it as soon as I get home.” That’s productive.

More cynical viewers question Beatie’s motives, like “karla1781,”

Obviously this infant’s parents are seeking fame and a book deal. If they really wanted to be good parents, they would never subject their child to such intense public scrutiny or potential ridicule. How selfish. Oprah, what’s your point in airing this show and “marketing” it in such a sensational way? Who, exactly, do you feel you will be helping with this show??

Other opponents take aim at the “liberal media,” which is apparently feeding into the Beatie “freak show:”

But the media are eating this up because it’s a freak show. This pregnant woman looks and behaves like a man, and a story like that is just too good to pass up. As our research intern puts it, Thomas is not so much a freak of nature, but a freak of culture–a freak of culture that happens to mesh perfectly with the media’s prevailing liberal ideology.

Radical leftists use culture-freak stories like these to further their vision of a gender-neutral society.

Beatie must have expected this backlash, so one does have to wonder what motivated the startling decision to go public. We imagine there’s probably a bit of self-interest involved, but it would take far more than greed to put yourself – and unborn child – on the line. Of course, conservative journalist Jessica Cantelon could be correct, it’s just a small part in a vast left-wing conspiracy.

We had hoped Oprah’s loyal viewers would fall in line with their beloved viewers, but it’s apparent even the Big O can’t counter our nation’s short-sighted sexual understanding.

Here’s some more video of Beatie explaining his background and gender-bedning evolution: