Ex-Drag Queen, Anti-Gay Republican Fails to Win North Carolina Senate Bid

North Carolina Republican Steve Wiles Drag Queen Mona Sinclair
Photo Credit: TheBlot.com

These days, being a politician can be such a drag… literally!

Steve Wiles, who is conservative Christian and ex-drag queen, was hoping to become a Republican state senate candidate in North Carolina but has lost in a primary election after only receiving 28.7% of the vote. He lost out to Joyce Krawiec who collected 43.81% of the vote and will stand as the Republicans’ candidate for District 31. Although Wiles was arguably the most talked about candidate in the election, the publicity he got was not the type of publicity that helped his reputation…

North Carolina Republican Steve Wiles Drag Queen Mona Sinclair 01Wiles, who took strong stance against gay marriage, was outed a few days before the April 7 election as former drag queen named Mona Sinclair. Apparently, he had been performing professionally under this drag alter ego in North Carolina gay clubs.

Wiles said on Facebook on Sunday:

[quote]I’m impressed by the way this story was used to present me to the conservative right as a gay advocate while at the same time presenting me as anti-gay to the gay community. I try to live a life that reflects my beliefs. I rarely, if ever, hit that mark.

“To some, I’ll be known as a hard worker or a loving son. To some, I’ll be known as someone who has always stood up for what I thought was right at the time – even if it was wrong.

“To some, I’ll be known as a person who will always admit my shortcomings and my faults. To some, I’ll be thought of as anti-gay and to a select few, I’ll just be a ‘fag.’ Know that no matter which group you fall into – I have no hard feelings toward you and respect, not only your opinion, but your right to have that opinion.”[/quote]