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Ex-Gay Pastor Charles Dorsey Knows God Didn’t Create Gay Babies, Or Crack Babies

“God loves the person but he hates the sin,” proclaims Charles Dorsey of The Way Out Ministries, who insists it’s very possible to pray the gay away. After all, he did it! At an Oklahoman restaurant. Seriously.

Igniting New Life Ministries, an affiliate of Exodus International’s Exodus Ministries, invited Dorsey to speak at a gathering in Youngstown, Ohio, where he revealed TRUE KNOWLEDGE: “God doesn’t create crack babies, he doesn’t create gay babies, he doesn’t create drug babies or alcoholic babies.” God only creates completely sober straight babies, and only through Jesus can you discover freebasing and faggotry. [WBKN]

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  • Carl

    “For all have sinned and fallen short” ….so, if you hate one you hate all. We’re all in the same boat preachers! Besides, “There’s no hatred in Christ” jerks.

  • Francis

    Sad brainwashed individual.

  • Tom

    Can’t decide which is more pathetic. The gay guy who calls himself straight. Or the gay guys who call themselves “GLBT” and equate themselves with transvestites and transsexuals.

  • greybat

    Why is it that these so-called Christians believe in an infinite and all-powerful God, and yet seem to think that this God comes and goes, and allows things to be created against his Will?
    Of course, despite the rather violent history of this Tribal God, they will insist that he is all good, and therefore anything that doesn’t fit their boundaries of Practice, must be an unnatural Agent.
    I thought Christians were not supposed to be superstitious, but they prove time and again that they are.

  • Cam

    Yeah, and God didn’t MAKE this guy be religious, but we do not pass laws preventing him from practicing his CHOSEN religion. So even if they are right and gay is a choice…which is a bunch of B.S., they STILL are not able to articulate why it shouldn’t be allowed.

    This guy is just pathetic, looking back on decades of wasted life of COURSE he has to pathalogically hold onto his crumbling story.

  • Shannon1981

    Pathetic. And crazy, not to mention dangerous. So many people who engage in this crap wind up offing themselves, hooked on drugs or otherwise participating in completely destructive behaviors…and they are also making the straight community hate us more. They need help, not us. The Sky Wizard won’t make you not gay, dude. Get over it…

  • lizcivious

    Anybody notice that Pastor Dorsey and his wife are dressed alike here?

  • Bobby

    Fucking idiots who look for something wrong in everything different!

  • DJ

    Oh suck it! I’ve been a mo ever since I came out of the womb. Hell, I’m sure even while I was in there. I had my first fascination with a boy when I was about 4 and kissed my first boyS at 5. I’m gay and always have been. I’m definitely not hesitant to say “God” made me this way. People need to close their Bibles and open a biology book. Religion is nothing but trouble and fairy tales.

  • McMike

    So, um, he’s not gay anymore? Did God just happen to leave that lisp in him for no reason at all?

    btw, Paul specifically stated “male bed” and “soft” in Corinthians and did NOT use any Greek term which would covey sex between men. The terms are so vague it was translated to mean masturbation less than a hundred years ago.

  • gew

    Odd. It never worked for me.

    He’s either in denial, or bi.

  • Jeffree

    He’s “ex-gay for pay” — selling his soul so people will keep dropping coins in the collection basket.

  • lemon-lime

    @Jeffree: Word.

    I believe that God could make a man straight if it were in His interests, but I really don’t think God has a problem with teh gays, mkay? I prayed for years for God to make me straight, and you know what? I’m so glad God didn’t listen to my stupid pleas. I’ve found the Man of My Dreams (TM) and I couldn’t be happier. :)

    To think I could have missed out on that…

  • Nathan

    @Tom: What do you have against transexuals? Like it or not, their struggle is your struggle and by raging against it you only serve to expose yourself as the bigot you are.

  • babado

    And what people in his area don’t know, including his wife, is that he is still cruising at the local area gyms looking for tricks. It is a known fact and has been asked to leave for making their customers uncomfortable and pursued without instigation.
    The gay people who do know him think he is one of the areas biggest hypocrites!

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