UPDATED: Facebook Shuts Down For No Reason Puts Back Up Manhunt’s Fan Page

UPDATE (4/25, 4:15pm): Facebook spokesperson Andrew Noyes tells us: “This page was was taken down in error. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.” And just like that, Manhunt’s Facebook page is back up. While Manhunt tried to contact them through their smaller channels for weeks, it seems a simple email from us to one of their more influential PR folks did wonders in an hour.

Building up an impressive social-media presence on the web is hard work. So when Facebook unexpectedly took down Manhunt’s fan page at the beginning of the month, boasting around 175,000 hard-earned likes, the “dating”/hookup site’s team members were pretty alarmed.

Add to the situation the fact that they weren’t warned and have only received one incomprehensible email and we’re surprised they’re not downright fuming.J. Harvey explains on MH Daily the series of events:

On the evening of April 4, 2012, Manhunt’s Facebook Fan Page was removed by Facebook. None of the admins on our page received any sort of warning or message explaining why, how long it would be down for, etc. It was just gone, and it still is. The screencap above is in place of where our page previously resided.

We have repeatedly filled out online form after form on Facebook, and sent numerous e-mails to any Facebook address we could find via research to ask for information on why our page was taken down and what we can do to get it restored. We have received a single e-mail back that gave us very little info and in fact asked the recipient of an e-mail that none of us receivedto get back to them. Replies to that single e-mail have not been responded to.

Manhunt asks its fans and readers to politely request its reinstatement using this form.

For our part, Queerty has put in a request for comment to a Facebook spokesperson who has responded to our emails in the past. He says: “Looking into this. Will get back to you soon.”

We’ll update with response as soon as we have it.