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Fans in an uproar after rugby team changes its name to be very, very gay

A rugby team from Bristol, England is being ridiculed for changing its name.

Bristol Rugby recently decided to rebrand their image by changing the name of their team to the “Bristol Bears.”

NBD, right?


Apparently fans are freaking out because the “Bristol Bears” is also the name of a popular gay bar and social club in the city’s gayborhood. It hosts an annual summer fiesta, takes part in Pride events, and owns the internet domain for the name.

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“We could end up being a laughing stock,” a fan of the rugby team tells local media.

“I didn’t think my club could be so stupid!” another adds.

Folks on Twitter are equally confused, amused, and/or upset…

A spokeswoman from Bristol Sport, which runs the club, claims the organization was “aware of the Bristol Bear Bar from the beginning of the rebrand process.” Although, we think it’s safe to say they didn’t expect such an extreme reaction from fans over the new name.

Owner Steve Lansdown said of  the animal: “It defends for its life when it needs to, is aggressive in attack when it needs to be.”


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