Father Of The Year Jon Voight Rallies Behind Brad Pitt’s Anti-Gay Mom

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This week Jon Voight came out in support of daughter Angelina Jolie’s babydaddy’s mama, Jane Pitt, who called President Obama a “liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.”

Speaking to FOX411, Voight said, “Good for her!” and stated he agreed with Mrs. Pitt’s right-wing opinions.

Brad and Angelina, of course, are vocal proponents of marriage equality and have kinda-sorta promised to delay their nuptials until we can all get hitched. Earlier in the week, Brad’s brother Doug Pitt tried to play peacemaker by telling Today‘s Matt Lauer that “moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world.”

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  • scott ny'er

    agreed. douche!

  • Mikel D McGrew

    Voight is a bitter has been actor and certainly no more intelligent than he needs to be. He is one of those celebrities who will jump at the chance to be in the media spot light for a moment or two. These old men are dying out – one might suggest not fast enough – and soon their era will be gone. One might suggest that his early decision to portray a gay hustler demonstrates that he is for sale for the right price. Where did his career go after that?

  • Michael Preston

    AGREED!!!!! WHAT A TOTAL DOUCHE.. You know what? I ALWAYS find it hilarious that the people who are the most out-spoken (no pun intended hah) are those who have the “alleged” problem in their own home… Show me a Baptist Minister, or any Minister for that matter who espouses the virtues of pro-family and anti-gay, and I’ll show you one that has either a brother, sister, or cousin who IS gay…. HYPOCRITS!!!

  • Owen McKinley

    So the last time I checked, speaking out, and having a say is okay.
    Ang’s brother is correct, we all can agree to disagree, without getting your
    panties all in a wad.
    Bottom line, who really gives a shit, about what they say!
    There are far bigger issues to get excited about, than what some Hollywood people
    have to say. Try complaining about something of importance.
    I am not mean spirited here, just wanted to put in my two cents.
    Good Day

  • Gus

    Has anyone told Brat Pitt’s mom and Mr. Voight that Mr. Romney’s Bain invested in a company that picked up aborted fetuses?

  • Name (required)

    What a republiturd

  • robert

    Go fuck yourself you hate filled washed up sack of shit.

  • jwrappaport

    @Owen: I often hear (indeed read) your refrain, that is, “everyone has the freedom of speech” in situations as these. No one is saying that he shouldn’t have the right to say what he did, just that he’s a douche for saying it.

    Moreover, this is not a situation where “agreeing to disagree” is acceptable. I didn’t start this war, but they made it personal, so it’s on: this is a situation in which people are not only saying (and enshrining into law) that we deserve fewer rights than they do on the basis of their prejudice and superstition, but also that we’re evil, subversive people who are dangerous to children and society. They are saying that our very existence and indeed one of our greatest and most profound emotions, that is, the love we feel for a romantic partner, is illegitimate and frankly disgusting. These are not my words, but I will be damned if I “agree to disagree” or remain silent when people say despicable, false things about me or people I love and care about. You may not think so, but to most, it is of paramount importance to call out bigotry for what it is and publicly shame the people who continue to practice it.

    Bottom line: I give a shit about what they say, because they’re saying it about me and some of the most important people in my life. Your two cents have been generously refunded.

  • HOlie

    Jon, Brangelina, and Brad’s mom all need to go sit down somewhere and stop doing all these publicity stunts in a sad attempt to stay in the spotlight. Nobody cares what any of these morons think.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    dude didn’t even know the name of his own Granddaugher. Remember when he called her “Shakira” on CNN?

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    1. this isn’t about “freedom of speech” – he’s free to express an uneducated bigoted opinion. yes.

    2. there is no “agree to disagree” when one side has facts, logic, reason and empirical evidence and the other side has only a refusal to adhere to facts, logic, reason and empirical evidence.

    “Agree to disagree” is all too often what an idiot says when they realize they’ve been proven wrong and are too proud to admit it.

  • Donnie V

    “All together now: What a douche!” – look i understand why you people don’t like his views but what right do you think you have to tell people what they should/shouldn’t believe. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and this is coming from an irreligious person, it’s tradition and to be frank it’s normal(i wasn’t born from two men or two women) Personally i think the state should abstain from marriage and leave it to the church or other private institutions that way anyone can get “married” according to their beliefs but no one will have to respect that union if it goes against their beliefs(a company offering a discount for married couples can make it just man/woman for example)

  • dvlaries

    Maybe in real life he is crazy enough to bite a Kramer’s arm.

  • B

    No. 9 · HOlie wrote, “Jon, Brangelina, and Brad’s mom all need to go sit down somewhere and stop doing all these publicity stunts in a sad attempt to stay in the spotlight.”

    I wouldn’t blame Brad’s mom for that as she wrote a letter to the editor that appeared in a newspaper that covers the town she lives in, something many people do. She didn’t try to get national attention. She got it only because her son is a well-known actor, not because she asked for it.

    Queerty’s original article was misleading BTW, saying she wrote an editorial when it was really just a letter to the editor. She should have been treated like anyone else who writes a brain-dead letter to a local newspaper – i.e., she should have been ignored or at most criticized via a letter to the same paper.

  • Jason

    Officially dropped from my list of good actors list. He had a douche attitude in Anaconda (I’d puke him too if I was the snake), was good in Transformers, but he blew it this round

  • mike

    This is what happens to some old people. They become embittered and very spiteful. John Voight is Exhibit A for how NOT to grow old. What a curmudgeon.

  • Aaron

    Once again showing what an ASSHOLE he is. Didnt even have the guts to be a “REAL” father to his children. He is a MAJOR Douche bag.

  • peter

    Interesting comment from an actor who rose to fame playing a Rent-Boy and solidified it with his ‘purty mouth’. Homosexuals, for good or ill, have played a key role in Voight’s career. If it weren’t for gays, including director John Schlesinger, there would have seen no Joe Buck.

    It’s perfect that the Jon Voight car was a LeBaron station wagon!

  • James M. Martin

    Gee, now we see another reason why Angelina Jolie hated him!

  • joe

    I’m confused, is he defending what she said or just her right to say it. And why is everyone angry at Voight? calling him names,i don’t see anyone calling Brad Pitt’s mom a douche and she is the one who said actually said it.

  • Christian

    Who cares what either one of these two old farts have to say about me, my sexual preference and my rights…

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