Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce Shooting “Gerontophilia,” A Queer “Harold & Maude”

Maverick director Bruce La Bruce sure does love a good kink: In provocative and explicit films like Raspberry Reich, Hustler White and L.A. Zombie, the gay filmmaker’s characters have gone ga-ga over neo-Nazis, amputees, Santa Monica street trade, and even the undead.

What’s next on La Bruce’s checklist? Old men! And we’re not talking Grindr “old”—we mean Wilford Brimley in Cocoon old.

In Gerontophilia (the term meaning a sexual attraction to the elderly) 18-year-old Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie) realizes he has the hots for older dudes and gets a job as a nursing-home orderly.

Lake bonds with one of the home’s residents, Mr. Peabody (Walter Borden), and tries to help him escape, since the institution over-medicates its patients to the point of catatonia.

Two weeks into the film’s shoot in Montreal, La Bruce has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise $30,000 in additional production funds before February 1, 2013.

“The quick pitch for the movie is Harold and Maude meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” La Bruce says. “Of course one of the twists of Gerontophilia is that the young man, who is not gay—or if he is, doesn’t know it yet—and has a girlfriend, also has a sexual attraction to old men. This is the challenge of the movie: to make Lake’s sexual affliction seem, if not normal, then at least understandable and sympathetic. There’s a balance that will be achieved between the bizarre nature of his sexual fetish and the very real emotional connection that he finds with Mr. Peabody.”

Donors to the Gerontophilia campaign receive varying amounts of swag, including the chance to score a a free dinner with La Bruce at a Swiss chalet—along with “some old man we’ll pull of the street.”

Does that mean dinner will be at 3pm?