Fitness Guru Richard Simmons Sheds A Tear For American Soldiers Overseas

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 7.49.13 PMWe know Richard Simmons as the flamboyant “weight saint” that taught the world how to sweat with the oldies and remain fabulous while doing so, but the 64-year-old fitness guru revealed a softer side on VH1’s “Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan” yesterday by shedding a whole new kind of fluid—tears!

With a best-selling book, an Emmy, and a vast collection of fitness videos under his belt, Simmons is venturing into the musical world with a brand new album dropping later this year. In an interview discussing the album’s first single, Piece of My Heart, Simmons fought tears while explaining his inspiration for the song. “I wrote [the single] as a tribute for men and women who are fighting around the world for our country, which is very upsetting to me” Simmons sniffled. “We just have to find a better way to make peace with everyone.”

Proceeds from the single, which you can listen to in the clip below, is one of 20 the workout queen king will perform in a new weight loss program called Project H.O.PE. No word yet on how many American soldiers have pre-ordered the imminent smash hit, but we’re sure they’ll be blasting it around the base in no time!


Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan