Five Gay Celebrity Power Couples We Wish Were Together For Valentine’s Day


Single and sad on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry—there’s nothing a pint of ice cream, a romantic comedy marathon and a little wishful thinking can’t fix.

If you’re stuck inside tonight while all of your friends are out celebrating the relationships they’ll forget by this time next year, try wishing yourself into a great gay relationship. It probably won’t get you anywhere in landing a real gay relationship, but it’s worth a try, right?

Did we mention how fun it is?

Here are the five biggest gay celebrity power couples we wish were together tonight:


Ricky Martin and Marc Jacobs

A newly single Ricky Martin may not be looking for a brand new man right now, but that shouldn’t stop him from spending a few hours soaking up the sun with Marc Jacobs. The fashion mogul most recently broke up with porn star boyfriend Harry Louis—the man oft seen covering him in lotion on Brazilian beaches—and we must say, this hunky couple would look pretty damn perfect together.


Tom Daley and Terry Miller

Why settle for a throuple when you can have a fourple? Dan Savage has been pretty open about his “monogamish” relationship with husband Terry Miller, an underwear model who hosts leather parties in Seattle, so it’s not a stretch to imagine him shacking up with famed power duo Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black. Tom and Terry would have so much in common, and we already know Tom likes older dudes—we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t thought about this specific match a hundred times before today.


Aaron Schock and Clay Aiken

Perhaps recently outed GOP Congressman Aaron Schock could help Clay Aiken get his political career off the ground? Aiken, a noted lover of the muscled male form, could also provide great cover for his new man—he perfected the art of covering up his sexuality for years before coming out in 2008.


Michael Sam and Robbie Rogers

Never mind the fact that Robbie is happily taken and Michael probably is too. Assuming Michael is drafted by the NFL and becomes the first openly gay football player in a major league, his relationship with American soccer’s first openly gay player would work wonders to clean up issues facing LGBT athletes.


Perez Hilton and Nick Gruber

Lord knows gossip blogger Perez Hilton and straight businessman Nick Gruber both love publicity, and what better to spark a media firestorm than a brand new love affair? At the very least, we could probably count on Hilton to deliver that much anticipated Nick Gruber sex tape nobody asked for but everyone wants.