Florida, Arizona Ban Gay Marriage

So, it’s official – gay marriage has been banned in Florida:

Florida voters have narrowly approved adding language to the state constitution that bans same-sex marriage.

The constitution will define marriage as only between a man and a woman. Florida already has a prohibition against gay marriage in state law, but supporters say the new definition was important to prevent court rulings allowing same-sex marriage like those in Massachusetts, California and Connecticut.

With 99 percent of the expected vote counted early Wednesday, the amendment had just over 62 percent support. It needed 60 percent to pass.

Meanwhile, in John McCain’s home state of Arizona, voters also decided to prohibit same-sex nuptials. Change may have come to America, but perhaps not for all of us. Shame…

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  • Andrew


  • Rock

    Hey Andrew, there’s no excuse for racism.

    California banned gay marriage too.

    Let’s face it. Gays and lesbians are second-class citizens.


    this is what happens when you let apes vote…

  • BillyBob Thornton

    This is a sad sad day for Equal Rights for all…….proves that hate IS contagious.

  • Ted

    Cancel the wedding invitations and order from Popeye’s to celebrate our boy over fried chicken.

  • Blame

    Andrew Sullivan
    Jody Foster
    Rachel Maddow
    Anderson Cooper

    Fags with leverage who said nothing supporting 8 and either went crazy attacking Palin, stayed closeted and sucked Obama while we got screwed!

    You too queerty! You wrote more in the last 24 hours about 8 than you did the entire campaign. Back to lame “morning goods” and dated YouTube videos of by-gone musical groups.

  • Flex

    Take your revenge out on christians! They’re directly responsible for this disgusting bullshit!!

  • Rock

    I want James Dobson’s head on a plate!

    Fuck you Focus on the Family!

  • Paul Raposo

    Hicks, rednecks and trash. Every self respecting queer should move away from that hole today.

    Rock, don’t hate Dobson, take a page from his play book and pray for a catastrophe of Bilical proportions to wash Florida away.

  • Chuck

    Now that we have a black man as president, it’s official. Gay Rights is the only discrimination battle left to fight. Last nights results need to make us redouble our efforts and continue our Movement. Now that blacks have broken the last barrier, the focus for civil rights and equality needs to be shifted to our cause. Keep at in ladies and gentlemen. It is now our turn.

    Yes, we have a long way to go. But I have a dream of one day seeing a gay man in the White House. Just not Charlie Crist.

  • afrolito

    Another racist day on queerty….just WOW!



    “African Americans voted for Barack Obama, but they also voted to support Proposition 8, 70 percent to 30 percent.”

    “Another racist day on queerty….”


    YES WE CAN !!!!

    OBAMA ’08

  • Eminent Victorian

    Wow, these comments are all over the map.

    It’s hard for many of my heterosexual friends to understand why I’m not in some Obama-induced euphoria right now. Obama doesn’t think I should have the same rights that he has, and, for me, that is a big deal. Yes, I voted for him, but I did so because he was the only logical choice given the glaring (and more numerous) deficits of the other choices. Still, seeing how California, Florida, and Arizona voted about marriage rights . . . seeing that California actually voted to TAKE AWAY marriage rights . . . I can’t help but feel kind of sick to my stomach. It occurs to me to wear a shirt or a badge that says “2nd Class Citizen” every day. I’m glad that Obama won, generally speaking, but these other votes about marriage rights, make me incredibly sad and frustrated (so, too, the silence on the subject of so many gay media personalities). Some days I wonder why LGBT folks aren’t rioting in the streets.

  • Jason

    Face it. Gays are second class citizens and that’s the way America wants it.

    All of the talk of unity and quality during Obama’s speech last night had a massive, California-sized asterisk attached.

  • gray hunt

    Get the message guys ? 100% against G/M in every vote ever taken in any state.

  • sandra

    all of u sound real dumb right now. i love gay ppl in fact i vote no on it..to sit here and say black ppl are the reason for why it was banned is b.s. there are other races hello besides us… and wtf anyway there are blcak gyas… so really where do u get this from. i think that if more gay ppl came out to vote u guys would have won… so dont blame one race for sumin all of u had part in.. if more gay ppl get off there ass and stop caring or being scared of wat ppl have to say and came out and voted you woud of had a chance. i know there are way more gay pp then 45.% or even bi ppl so put yo own slack up and stop blaming black ppl u ass holes.. obama bitches lolz. pick yo self up and try again.!

  • Bill Germaine

    Well, I’m used to taking it up the @ss. What’s new.

  • kenzie peterson

    It starts out banned on gay marriage and than it goes for gay right. Is their a rights to this we still got to fight. If there is a gay rights, than we haven’t earnd it yet, if we did than there wouldn’t be a vote on marriage. It totaly sux!
    And it has been ban here in arizona every thing in america is B.S.

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